State Historic Preservation Offices

State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPOs) are one of the most important resources available for the preservation of Route 66. SHPOs are state agencies responsible for overseeing and promoting much of the historic and archeological preservation in the respective states. The activities of the SHPOs are overseen by the National Park Service, through which the SHPOs receive funding for each state’s Historic Preservation Fund. SHPOs provide vital assistance with nominating properties to the national and state Registers of Historic Places, and can provide grant funding and technical assistance in preserving Route 66 properties. SHPO assistance is provided at no charge to federal, state, and local governments; planning, engineering, architectural, and other consulting firms; local historical societies; other non-profit organizations; private-property owners; and any interested organization, firm, or individual, whether or not the properties have been listed on the national or state registers.

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