Research Route 66 Annual Meeting Convened


Research Route 66 held their 12th annual meeting to set priorities for the coming year. The meeting was
held March 22-23, 2018 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Research Route 66 (previously known as the Route 66 Archives and Research Collaboration) is an
initiative of the National Park Service’s Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program and nine lead archives,
libraries, and museums across Route 66. Their mission is to develop an information gateway for students,
researchers, the media and others looking for information about the road. A major goal is to survey the
eight Route 66 states to identify public archives, libraries, and museums that hold Route 66 materials,
and to develop an online directory of this information. The nine lead institutions are also each committed
to providing a key contact for researchers, collecting Route 66 materials, and coordinating with other
institutions and organizations within their states to develop a referral system for Route 66 materials.

Priorities for the upcoming year include continuing surveys and development of the online directory;
preparing a retrospective of Research Route 66 accomplishments; continuing Social Media outreach via
the Research Route 66 Facebook page; and collaborating with the Route 66 Road Ahead Partnership.

Presentations were also made to highlight recent research on the Hispanic heritage of Route 66. Dr.
Joseph Sanchez, Dr. Angelica Sanchez-Clark, and Steve Mandrgoc spoke about their recent book
“Historic Route 66: A New Mexican Crossroads. Essays on the Hispanic Heritage of Old Highway 66.”
National Park Service staff also made a presentation on the Hispanic Legacies of Route 66 Project, which
was made possible through the NPS Latino Heritage Internship Program and will be released soon as a

Those in attendance at the meeting were the lead organizers of Research Route 66, representing the
Autry Museum of the American West, Northern Arizona University – Cline Library, University of New
Mexico – Center for Southwest Research, Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, Oklahoma Historical
Society, Oklahoma State University – Tulsa, Baxter Springs Heritage Center, Missouri State University –
Special Collections, and the State Historical Society of Missouri Research Center – Springfield.

For more information on Research Route 66 and to visit the Route 66 Directory of Archives, visit