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Route 66 in Texas

Miles: 185 (approx.)

Historically and still today travelers on Route 66 through the Texas Panhandle experience a vast landscape dotted with grain silos, oil rigs, and cattle ranching, emblematic of the region’s economic lifeblood industries. The cultural and economic capitol of this region is Amarillo, named for the color yellow in Spanish. Route 66 once formed an important commercial corridor through Amarillo and the numerous small towns of the Texas Panhandle.


Since the decommissioning of Route 66, the roadway has continued to have its champions in Texas. In 1991, the Texas Old Route 66 Association formed and helped establish the Texas Route 66 Museum in McLean. Utilizing Transportation Enhancement funds and local fundraising, the City of Shamrock also restored the iconic Tower Conoco Station and U-Drop Inn. The National Park Service Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program has assisted four projects with cost-share grant funds, including the restoration of the Magnolia Station in Vega.