The Historic Landscapes Program makes use of Delicious for storing and sharing its online bibliography. You do not need an account to access the Historic Landscapes bibliography on Delicious. If you choose, you can sign up for a Delicious account and begin building your own online bibliography. Delicious allows you to choose links from other bibliographies, like ours, to incorporate into your own account. You can also use your browser’s bookmarking tool to save the locations of the links to your own computer.

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Visit our Delicious bibliography!


But before you go, here are some tips about how to use this valuable resource. The image to the right points out each of the features of Delicious that we’ll explain: Links, Search Bar, Tags, and Tag Bundles.

When you visit the bibliography hosted by Delicious, you are welcome to scroll through our links, browsing the resources that we’ve found interesting. Each link shows its name, url, a quote or brief summary, and any associated tags.

Or you might want to use the search bar in the gray menu bar on the top of your screen. Just type in a word or phrase you’re interested in, press “enter” or click the magnifying glass, and away you go!

Tags are words that we associate with a link. For instance, a link to the NCPTT Historic Landscapes Program might be tagged “NPS”, “landscape”, “US”, “Louisiana”, “Natchitoches”, etc. If you click on a tag, you can view other links that share the same tag. For your convenience, we’ve included a “tag cloud” just below this paragraph on this page – that’s a visual representation of the most common tags we’ve used on our Delicious bibliography. The size of the word reflects how often it’s been used. (Bigger font = more links tagged with that word!) If you click on one of the words in the tag cloud, you’ll go straight to the list of all the links in our bibliography tagged with that word.

Tag bundles are themed collections of tags. For example, if you click on the tag bundle “treatment,” all of the links tagged with either “rehabilitation” or “restoration” are shown, because they correspond with the topic of “treatment.”

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