Throughout the United States, NCPTT has undertaken important and varied work to advance the preservation of cultural resources. Partners in government, private practice, tribes, museums, universities and non-profits are important collaborators in nearly all that NCPTT has accomplished. This list summarizes NCPTT’s work through this collaboration. Should you have questions about the PTTGrants program or grant projects, please contact us.

Year Project Recipient State Amount Grant #
2018 Identifying Submerged Pre-contact Archaeological Sites with Next-Generation Geophysics Archaeological Research Cooperative TX $30,000
2019 Microbially Influenced Corrosion of WWII Aluminum Aircraft Wrecks in Saipan East Carolina University, Program in Maritime Studies NC $29,652
2019 Builders and Maintenance Staff at Work: Best Practices for Historic Buildings: Masonry and Access Historic Windsor, Inc. VT $15,000
2019 Enhancing the Resolution of Subsurface Features with a Coordinated 3D Geophysical Unraveling the Complexity of the West Plaza Rise at the Poverty Point World Minnesota State University Moorhead MN $29,577
2019 Using Controlled Source Electromagnetic Methods for Detecting Submerged Archaeological Resources Natural History Museum Los Angeles County CA $29,516
2019 Image-based Streamlined Analysis Framework for Hazard Vulnerability Assessment of Historic Masonry Structures The Florida International University Board of Trustees FL $30,000
2019 Preserving Historic Outdoor Theaters’ Connection with Their Landscapes The Regents of the University of California CA $29,993
2019 Enhanced Documentation and Analysis of Porosity in Deteriorated Historic Bricks for Preservation Studies University of Delaware DE $29,626
2019 Probabilistic Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Freestanding Historic Monuments University of Nebraska-Lincoln NE $30,000
2019 Scheimpflug Multispectral: A Novel Method for Imaging Books that Can be Opened Less Than 30 Degrees University of Rochester NY $29,999
2019 Innovation In Data Documentation And Distribution For Engineered Landscapes Utah Division of State History UT $26,451
2018 Develop Terrestrial Laser Scanning Methods to Replicate and Quantify the Loss of Earthen Architecture Associated with Changing Precipitation Regimes The Southern Arizona Office of the National Park Service AZ $27,903
2018 Investigating Depth Estimation to Archaeological Magnetic Source Bodies University of Arkansas AR $25,565
2018 Field Toolkit and Methodology for Evaluating Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)  Performance of Historic Buildings for Their Sustainable and Effective Reuse The Catholic University of America DC $40,000
2018 Conservation and Preservation How-to Video Series Kentucky Center for African American Heritage KY $40,000
2018 Cultural Landscapes Visualization Tool and Training Workshop University of New Mexico NM $39,984
2018 A Systematic Investigation of Interior Insulation Retrofits of Walls in U.S. Historic Buildings University of Cincinnati OH $40,000
2018 DNA Characterization of Soil Microbes Associated With Degradation of Borate-treated Wood in Geographic Regions With High Levels of Naturally Occurring Borates Angelo State University TX $39,174
2017 Structural Deterioration Modeling Using the Discrete Element Method University of Arkansas AR $40,000
2017 Modeling Environmental Change Effects to Coastal Historic Landscapes and Cultural Resources, Point Reyes Sonoma State University CA $39,800
2017 Using Forensic Methods to Study Historic Rifle Data Colorado Mesa University CO $30,800
2017 Enhanced Usability of The Cultural Landscape Foundation’s Online “What’s Out There?” Database The Cultural Landscape Foundation DC $14,000
2017 Enhanced Usability of The Cultural Landscape Foundation’s Online “What’s Out There?” Database Gulf Archeology Research Institute DC $14,000
2017 Rapid Midden Assessment – Site Condition Delineation in Crystal Bay, Florida Gulf Archeology Research Institute FL $38,500
2017 Preserving Aerospace Heritage on Outdoor Display: Examining the Performance of Protective Coatings on Painted Aluminum for Preventative Maintenance US Air Force Space and Missile Museum Foundation FL $27,700
2017 Using Synchrotron Radiation Based Techniques for the Detailed Chemical-Geometric Characterization of Archeological Pottery and Ceramics Louisiana State University and A&M College LA $40,000
2017 Integrating technology for Montana’s Historic Cemeteries and Sacred Sites Montana History Foundation MT $25,400
2017 Georgia O’Keeffe Museum Viewshed Project: Database Construction Georgia O’Keeffe Museum NM $30,000
2017 Probabilistic Heat, Air, and Moisture Performance of Historic Wood Framed Facades to Characterize the Impacts of Environmental Change including Degradation of Components Drexel University PA $40,000
2017 Testing and Treatment of Microbial Impacts on Generic Archeological Collections Southern Methodist University TX $40,000
2017 Protective Treatments for Western Red Cedar Shingle and Shake Roofs (Year 2) Washington State Parks and Recreation WA $19,800
2016 Foresight for Disaster Management: Infrastructure Risk Index Analysis (Research) Clemson University SC $40,000
2016 Applying Scientific Rigor to Photogrammetric 3D Documentation Cultural Heritage Imaging CA $40,000
2016 Navajo National “Train the Trainers” Traditional Hogan Retrofits and Manual Development iCATIS, the Forgotten People, and Purpose Focused CO $40,000
2016 A Comparative Study of Flood Approaches to Develop Recommendations for Different Types of Historic Buildings on Varying Types of Sites National Trust for Historic Preservation DC $34,700
2016 Look to the Skies: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Use for Monitoring of Traditional Cultural Areas and Resources in Disaster Recovery and Response Texas Military Department TX $39,900
2016 Using Timber Grading to Capitalize on Hidden Capacity in Existing Timber Structures Timber Framers Guild MA $36,000
2016 Corn and Tobacco Residue: Development of Protocol for Sampling and Analysis University of Arizona AZ $34,700
2016 Evaluation of Protective Treatments for Western Red Cedar Shingle and Shake Roofs Washington State Parks WA $29,400
2016 Explore Modern:A Scholarly Researched Online Database with User-sourced Information DOCOMOMO US NY $15,000
2016 Preservation at 50: Using Technology to Protect the Past Podcast Series Anacostia Trails Heritage and Preservation Maryland MD $15,000
2015 Low Energy Oxygen Plasma Radiocarbon Sampling Laboratory Museum of New Mexico Foundation NM $37,500 P15AP00377
2015 Preserving Heritage with Low Cost Documentation Cyark CA $31,200 P15AP00370
2015 Development of in situ Shallow Subsurface Spectroscopy for the Geochemical Characterization of Archaeological Features and Anthropogenic Soils University of Akron OH $37,800 P15AP00378
2015 Revisiting Acryloid B-72/Paraloid B-72 and Barrier Numbering: Solutions SEAC FL $40,000 P15-PA-02
2015 Digital 3D Preservation and Documentation for Historic Cultural Landscape and Museum Collections Idaho State University ID $39,500 P15AP00095
2015 Field Testing a rapid-deployment Geophysical Reconnaissance team for the assessment of threatened cultural resources in the American Arctic Cornell University NY $39,500 P15AP00094
2015 Using Eularian Video Magnification to Study the effect of fluctuations in Relative Humidity on cultural heritage materials University of Texas at Austin TX $30,500 P15AP00093
2015 A Preliminary Manual of Policy and Management responses to climate change Impacts on Cultural Landscapes, Phase 2 University of Oregon OR $39,500 P15AP00092
2015 Novel Electronic Technology for Real-time Detection of Trespass at Archeological Sites The Research Foundation of State University of New York NY $39,000 P15AP00091
2015 Enhancing Historic Landscape Visualization Purdue University IN $40,000 P15AP00090
2015 Probabilistic Modeling of Energy Use and Air Quality in Historic Buildings The Pennsylvania State University PA $40,000 P15AP00089
2015 Multi-functional High Performance “Green” Nanocomposite coating for Metals North Dakota State University ND $38,000 P15AP00088
2015 Field Kit and Methodology for Detecting, Measuring, and Remediating Salt Attack (Salt Weathering) in Adobe and Earthen Structures Mesilla Valley Preservation Inc NM $25,000 P15AP00087
2015 Development of a Mobile Computer Application for Recording and Submittal of Historical Resources Data California Department of Parks and Recreation CA $40,000 P15AP00086
2014 The Impact of Climate Change on Archeological Resources in Arizona: Harnessing Citizen Science through the Arizona Site Stewardship Network Arizona Department of Parks AZ $38,500 P14AP00139
2014 3D Preservation, Documentation, and Geometric Morphometric Analysis of Intact Caddo NAGPRA Vessels from Sixteen Caddo Sites in East Texas Stephen F. Austin University TX $39,600 P14AP00138
2014 The Comparison of 3D Technologies for Cultural Landscape Documentation and Visualization University of Georgia GA $25,000 P14AP00141
2014 Visualization of Chert Artifacts Using Reflectance Spectroscopy as a Preservation Provenance Technology University of Memphis TN $40,000 P14AP00142
2014 Radiant Barrier Retrofits to Improve Energy Efficiency of Older Homes in Hot-Humid Climate Zones University of Texas San Antonio TX $38,500 P14AP00143
2014 Pilot Project to Develop a Treatment Protocol for Salt-Damaged Brick Masonry Resulting from Rising Damp Louisiana Museum Foundation LA $40,000 P14AP00429
2014 Visualizing the Past, Present, and Future of New York City’s 1964 World’s Fair site using 3D GIS and Procedural Modeling Cornell University NY $33,650 P14AP00278
2013 Asian Pacific Islander Historic Site Mapping Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus CA $20,000 P13AP00077
2013 Application of Biotechnology Technique for Accurate identification of Regional Localization of Mammalian Materials in Native American Cultural Heritage Harvard College MA $25,000 MT-2210-13-NC-XX
2013 Energy Modeling of Historic Buildings, Improving Simulation and Verification Techniques Philadelphia University PA $25,000 MT-2210-13-NC-XX
2013 Preserving Timber Frame Structures with Non-destructive Evaluation of Critical Joinery State University of New York NY $25,000 MT-2210-13-NC-XX
2013 Cone and Friction Cone Penetrometer Applications to Archeological Organic Midden Deposits NPS, Southeast Archeological Conservation Center FL $25,000 MT-2210-13-NC-XX
2013 Genetic Sequencing in the Bacterial Analysis of Mercury Treated Collections University of Colorado Denver CO $25,000 MT-2210-13-NC-XX
2013 Simple Rapid Corrosion Tests with Quantitative Image Analysis for Materials Reservation University of Delaware DE $25,000 MT-2210-13-NC-XX
2013 A Preliminary Manual of Policy and Management Responses to Climate Change Impacts on Cultural Landscapes University of Oregon OR $25,000 MT-2210-13-NC-XX
2012 Towards Simpler, Cheaper, and Greener Iron Conservation Clemson University SC $24,000 MT-2210-12-NC-01
2012 Curriculum and Certification of Adobe Professionals Cornerstone Community Partners NM $25,000 MT-2210-12-NC-02
2012 In-Situ Durability of PVA Fiber Reinforced Mortars Idaho State University ID $25,000 MT-2210-12-NC-03
2012 Assessment of Mechanical Scanning Sonar in the Documentation of Submerged Cultural Resources Lake Champlain Maritime Museum VT $25,000 MT-2210-12-NC-04
2012 Novel Techniques for the Stabilization and Conservation of Ferrous Metals in Industrial Heritage Michigan Technological University MI $25,000 MT-2210-12-NC-05
2012 Modernizing Living Collections Management in an Historic Landscape Missouri Botanical Garden MO $25,000 MT-2210-12-NC-06
2012 Traditional Masonry Lead Pointing Symposium Mount Auburn Cemetery MA $8,000 MT-2210-12-NC-07
2012 Corrosion Resistant Surface treatment for Marble Princeton University NJ $25,000 MT-2210-12-NC-08
2012 What’s Out There for Mobile Devices The Cultural Landscape Foundation DC $16,000 MT-2210-12-NC-09
2012 Learning From the Texas Wildfires: Bastrop State Park and Beyond Texas Parks and Wildlife TX $25,000 MT-2210-12-NC-10
2012 Method for Evaluation of Historic Masonry Repairs University of Florida CA $12,500 MT-2210-12-NC-11
2012 The Preservation Virtual Classroom California Preservation Foundation CA $25,000 MT-2210-12-NC-12
2012 Poles, Posts and Canoes: the Preservation, Conservation and Continuation of Native American Monumental Wood Carvings Tulalip Tribes Hibulb Cultural Center WA $25,000 MT-2210-12-NC-13
2011 Understanding Traditional and Modern Paints and Stains for Exterior Wood Association for Preservation Technology International IL $25,000 MT-2210-11-NC-01
2011 Development of Life-Cycle Assessment Charts for Preservation and Rehabilitation of Historic Structures Clemson University SC $25,000 MT-2210-11-NC-02
2011 Permanent Conditions Monitoring to Validate Energy Design Models Georgia Department of Natural Resources GA $11,000 MT-2210-11-NC-03
2011 Archaeological Survey Technologies, Data Integration, and Applications (ASTDA) Workshop and Seminar Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World, Brown University MA $25,000 MT-2210-11-NC-04
2011 Raman Spectroscopy Workshop and Database Training for the Preservation Community Philadelphia Museum of Art PA $12,000 MT-2210-11-NC-05
2011 New York State Energy Conservation Code Compliance Training for Historic Properties Preservation League of New York State NY $25,000 MT-2210-11-NC-06
2011 pXRF Guidelines for Pesticide Residue Survey and Removal Evaluation on Textiles University of Arizona AZ $25,000 MT-2210-11-NC-07
2011 LiDAR Surveyor: Automated Extraction of Archaeological Features from Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Imaging Data University of Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist IA $22,000 MT-2210-11-NC-08
2011 Dendrogeomorphological Investigation of Earthwork Stability at Poverty Point SHS, Louisiana University of Louisiana at Monroe LA $22,000 MT-2210-11-NC-09
2011 Austin Historical Survey MOBILE: Optimizing a Survey Web Tool for Data Collection in the Field University of Texas at Austin TX $25,000 MT-2210-11-NC-10
2011 Applications of Digital Photogrammetric Methods fro Preservation Documentation of Historic Homes The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum GA $25,000 MT-2210-11-NC-11
2011 An Innovative Educational Game Strategy for Conservation and Preservation Rochester Institute of Technology NY $25,000 MT-2210-11-NC-12
2011 Comprehensive Understanding of Archeological Magnetism and Instrumentation University of Arkansas AR $18,000 MT-2210-11-NC-13
2010 A Preservation Masonry Training Manual for High School Age Students Abyssinian Development Corporation NY $23,000 MT-2210-10-NC-12
2010 Creation of a Website and Online Community Forum for Osteoware Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History DC $20,000 MT-2210-10-NC-02
2010 Development of a Micro-fading Tester with Near-UV Capability Carnegie Mellon University PA $25,000 MT-2210-10-NC-05
2010 Digital Recovery of Water Damaged Manuscripts Using a Portable Multispectral Imaging Lab University of Mississippi MS $25,000 MT-2210-10-NC-04
2010 Enhancements for Xeroradiography Center at the University of Arizona University of Arizona AZ $12,000 MT-2210-10-NC-11
2010 Historic Concrete & Masonry Assessment by Air-Coupled Impact Echo-Method Pennsylvania State University PA $25,000 MT-2210-10-NC-07
2010 Improve Method for Repairing Wooden Structural Beams in CCC National Historic Landmark District NPS Bandelier National Monument NM $6,000 PA-2210-10-140
2010 Massachusetts Heritage Landscape Atlas Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation MA $25,000 MT-2210-10-NC-06
2010 Materials Characterization Utilizing Advanced Spectral Imaging Library of Congress DC $20,000 IA-2210-10-0139
2010 Molecular Characterization and Technical Study of Historic Aircraft Windows and Head Gear Smithsonian Institute, National Air and Space Museum DC $25,000 MT-2210-10-NC-10
2010 Nanotechnology & Materials Testing: using Quantum Dots to Tag Consolidants Natural Heritage Trust NY $25,000 MT-2210-10-NC-03
2010 Preservation Reengineering: Finding Green Environmental Management in Vernacular Historic Buildings Louisiana Landmarks Society LA $25,000 MT-2210-10-NC-08
2010 Preservative Protection of Historic Wooden Structures USDA, Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory WI $25,000 IA-2210-10-0138
2010 Protecting Gullah Land and Community: A Locative Media Website for Tourism, Community Planning and Education University of Massachusetts Amherst MA $24,000 MT-2210-10-NC-09
2010 Structural Health Monitoring of Nation’s Culture Heritage Clemson University SC $25,000 MT-2210-10-NC-01
2010 Test and augment new cultural resource spatial data standards to make GIS more useful to cultural resource managers Carlsbad Caverns National Park
*project cancelled
NM $25,000 PA-2210-10-141
2009 A Comprehensive Training Program for 3D Digital Rock Art Documentation and Preservation Cultural Heritage Imaging CA $25,000 MT-2210-09-NC-01
2009 A Polymeric Treatment for Controlling Salt Damage to Stone and Brick Trustees of Princeton University NJ $25,000 MT-2210-09-NC-03
2009 Assessment of Handheld Multibeam Sonar Imagery for the Study of Submerged Cultural Resources Lake Champlain Maritime Museum VT $24,000 MT-2210-09-NC-02
2009 Creation of a Web-Accessible Database of the Comparative Plant Fiber Collection Ohio State University OH $25,000 MT-2210-09-NC-04
2009 Development of Ceramic Reference Materials for Calibration and Quantification of Portable XRF Data Virginia Department of Historic Resources VA $13,000 MT-2210-09-NC-05
2009 Evaluation of Ca(OH)2 Nano-Particle Treatment of Cordage/Basketry Arizona State Museum AZ $13,000 MT-2210-09-NC-06
2009 Fire Safety for Historic Buildings – Teaching Modules Fire Safety Institute VT $19,500 MT-2210-09-NC-07
2009 Preservation of Historic Iron and Steel in Bridges and Other Metal Structures Lansing Community College MI $25,000 MT-2210-09-NC-08
2009 Preservation of Human Dental Surface Micro-Topography with Three-Dimensional Non-Destructive Digital Imaging Middle Tennessee State University TN $11,500 MT-2210-09-NC-09
2009 The Tutuila Basalt Export Industry: Leveraging Resources to Train Native American Samoans in Preservation Technology American Samoa Community College AS $25,000 MT-2210-09-NC-10
2009 Web-Accessible Training in Thin-Section Petrography of Cultural Materials University of Delaware DE $25,000 MT-2210-09-NC-11
2009 What’s Out There – An Interactive Catalog of Designed American Cultural Landscapes The Cultural Landscape Foundation DC $25,000 MT-2210-09-NC-12
2008 FAIC Conservation Catalog Wiki Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation (FAIC) DC $23,000 MT-2210-08-NC-02
2008 Historic Windows Assessment Project National Trust for Historic Preservation DC $50,000 MT-2210-08-NC-01
2008 New Technology, New Opportunities:Development of a National Chert Characterization Database Tulane University LA $42,644 MT-2210-08-NC-04
2008 Rapid Quantification of Ceramic Paste Recipes Using Digital Camera Capture and Image Analysis University of Oklahoma OK $50,000 MT-2210-08-NC-05
2008 Sustainable Fiber Reinforced Mortar (FRM) Mixtures for the Preservation of Unreinforced Masonry Architectural Heritage University of Nebraska-Lincoln NE $49,771 MT-2210-08-NC-03
2007 Evaluation of Conservation and Preservation Practices in a Southwest Pottery Collection University of Arizona AZ $50,000 MT-2210-07-NC-09
2007 Heritage Preservation Engineering: Curriculum Development School of Engineering, University of Vermont VT $49,900 MT-2210-07-NC-06
2007 Microbial Detoxification of Mercury Contaminated Museum Collections: Effect of Material Composition on Mercury Removal University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center CO $50,000 MT-2210-07-NC-07
2007 Stone Wall Repair Training Workshop National Park Service MN $5,000
2006 High Definition Documentation of Archaeology Kacyra Family Foundation KY $40,000 MT-2210-06-NC-04
2006 Interpreting Infrared Thermography and Other Non-Invasive Technologies with the Context of Historic Materials University of Kentucky Research Foundation on behalf of the Center for Historic Architecture and Preservation KY $36,853.06 MT-2210-06-NC-05
2006 Investigation of Mechanical Anchor Strength in Stone Masonry The Association for Preservation Technology International CT $29,400 MT-2210-06-NC-06
2006 Planning to Preserve Our Coastal Heritage and Culture: Disaster Planning and Recovery for Heritage and Cultural Sites in Coastal Georgia, Coastal South Carolina, and Northeast Florida Bryan-Lang Foundation, Inc. GA $12,187 MT-2210-06-NC-07
2006 Use of Rheoreversible Gels for the Preservation of Cultural and Artistic Heritage National Gallery of Art DC $13,235 MT-2210-06-NC-10
2006 Vernacular Wooden Church Steeples in the Eastern United States: Form and Restoration Timber Framer’s Guild MA $31,418.35 MT-2210-06-NC-11
2005 Acoustic Emission and Vibration Correlation Fort Ticonderoga Association NY $39,975
2005 An Evaluation of Supercritical Drying and PEG/Freeze-Drying of Waterlogged Archaeological Wood The Mariners’ Museum VA $31,158 MT-2210-05-NC-10
2005 Breaking the Virtual Barrier: A Model Program for Preservation Trades Education & Training Utilizing Satellite & Simulcast Distance Learning Technologies Jefferson Community College and Dry Stone Conservancy KY $36,442
2005 Creating a Digital Archive for Cultural Landscapes: Recordation of Montana’s Tongue River Valley Montana Preservation Alliance MT $40,000 MT-2210-05-NC-11
2005 Development and Dissemination of a Grading Protocol for Lumber in Historic Structures Association for Preservation Technology, International IL $32,813
2005 Disaster Science and Heritage Resources: Modeling and Mapping the Risks to Critical Heritage Infrastructure in New Orleans Louisiana State University LA $39,806
2005 Heritage Education Mini Grants to Teachers Office of Cultural Development LA $98,317 n/a
2005 Identification of Unmarked Graves National Park Service Midwest Archeological Center NE $30,200
2005 Merging Aerial Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Satellite Multispectral Data to Inventory Archaeological Sites Catalina Island Conservancy CA $39,990 MT-2210-05-NC-09
2005 Removal of Arsenic and Mercury Contamination in Museums Using a Natural Environmentally Begnign Chemical University of Arizona AZ $39,578 MT-2210-05-NC-06
2005 Technical Assistance and Training in the Identification, Documentation, Investigation, Analysis, and Treatment of a Cultural Resource Site, Pohnpei National Park Service Pacific West Regional Office CA $40,000
2004 Complementary Geophysical Survey Techniques at Old Mobile Friends of Old Mobile, Inc. AL $33,400 MT-2210-04-NC-07
2004 Creating an On-line Library: Electronic Conservation and Distribution of 85 Years of Historic Masonry Articles The Masonry Society CO $12,300 MT-2210-04-NC-06
2004 Evaluation and Monitoring of Culturally Appropriate Treatments for Vandalism at Rock Image Site Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation OR $40,000 MT-2210-04-NC-13
2004 Heritage Education Mini Grants to Teachers Office of Cultural Development LA $50,000 n/a
2004 Load Paths in Historic Truss Bridges University of Colorado at Denver CO $39,300 MT-2210-04-NC-12
2004 Lustron On-line National Trust for Historic Preservation WI $30,678 MT-2210-04-NC-11
2004 Microbial Detoxification of Mercury Contaminated Museum Collections University of Colorado at Denver CO $37,000 MT-2210-04-NC-04
2004 Protocol for Emergency Washing, Drying, and Sterilization of Historically Significant Books University of Utah Marriott Library UT $39,790 MT-2210-04-NC-03
2004 Supercritical Fluid Cleaning of Perishable Organic Artifacts for Non-Destructive Radiocarbon Dating Texas A&M University TX $20,000 MT-2210-04-NC-09
2004 The Survey and Documentation of Point-du-hoc Historic Site, Normandy, France Texas A&M University TX $40,000 MT-2210-04-NC-10
2004 Unreinforced Load-Bearing Masonry Structure Assessment by Modeling, Validation, and Testing Pennsylvania State University PA $40,000 MT-2210-04-NC-02
2004 Using the General Land Office Records to Enhance Identification of Cultural Landscapes in North Mississippi Mississippi State University MS $38,400 MT-2210-04-NC-05
2004 Water Transport Characteristics of Masonry Restoration Mortars Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute CO $39,400 MT-2210-04-NC-01
2003 Heritage Education Mini Grants to Teachers Office of Cultural Development LA $50,000 n/a
2003 Studying Development of a Technique for Buried Site Detection Using a Down-Hole Soil Magnetic Instrument Minnesota State University Moorhead MN $38,739 MT-2210-3-NC-07
2003 The Use of Multibeam Bathymetry for the Identification and Assessment of Underwater Archaeological Sites Stony Brook University, Research Foundation of SUNY NY $40,000 MT-2210-3-NC-08
2003 Thin-Section Petrography of Cultural Materials: Comprehensive Resource and Training Publication University of Delaware DE $32,900 MT-2210-3-NC-05
2002 Heritage Education Mini Grants to Teachers Office of Cultural Development LA $50,000
2002 Image Analysis of Petrographic Thin Sections in Deterioration and Preservation Studies University of Delaware DE $39,788
2002 Mechanistic and Computational Study of Cinnabar Phase Transformation: Applications and Implications to the Preservation of this pigment in Historical paintings Arizona State University AZ $39,324
2002 Northeast Document Conservation Center Smithsonian Center for Materials Research and Education MD $37,450
2002 Online Disaster Planning Tool Northeast Document Conservation Center MA $40,000
2002 Preliminary Evaluation of Infrared Thermography for Monitoring the Consolidation of Voids and Delamination on Stone Artifacts in Real Time The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art MO $17,007 MT-2210-02-NC-05
2002 Stone Durability University of Kentucky Research Foundation KY $6,502
2002 The Truss Form in Vernacular Carpentry in the Eastern United States, 1660-1850 Timber Framers Guild of North America MA $19,840
2002 Video Preservation Website: History, Science, and Technology Bay Area Video Coalition CA $40,000
2001 A Regional Seminar on Advanced Inspection Methods for Historic Wooden Structures USDA Forest Service GA $19,531
2001 America’s Cultural Heritage Under Water: Episodes 3 & 4 Montana Public Television MT $40,000
2001 Computer-Based Methodologies for Investigating the History of Significant Cultural Landscapes — Year 2 University of Vermont VT $36,188 MT-2210-01-NC-02
2001 Developing Inter-Governmental Data Sharing Between States and Tribes: New Mexico and Pueblo of Zuni Zuni Heritage and Preservation Office NM $29,416
2001 Development and Testing of Organic Coatings for the Protection of Outdoor Bronze Sculpture from Air-Pollutant Enhanced Corrosion — Year 3 North Dakota State University ND $43,800 MT-2210-01-NC-04
2001 HALS Symposia American Society of Landscape Architects DC $19,950 MT-2210-01-NC-08
2001 Heritage Education Mini Grants to Teachers Office of Cultural Development LA $50,000
2001 Online GIS for Great House Archaeological Sites in the SW United States Georgia State University GA $25,416 MT-2210-01-NC-11
2001 Prevention of Biodeterioration of Coatings for Protection of Metallic Monuments, Year 2 Harvard College MA $43,800 MT-2210-01-NC-10
2001 Preventive Conservation for the Practicing Conservator New York University NY $19,965
2001 Protection of Stone from Damage in Wetting/Drying Cycles Princeton University NJ $43,800 MT-2210-01-NC-06
2001 Structural Evaluation of In-Situ Wooden Floors Indiana University of Pennsylvania PA $3,991
2001 Suitability of Medical Chelating Agents for Stain Removal in Architectural and Art Conservation: Laboratory and Field Tests San Francisco Museum of Modern Art CA $39,863 MT-2210-01-NC-05
2000 Development of high-resolution, digital, color and infrared photographic methods for preserving imagery on Hopewellian copper artifacts Arizona State University AZ $40,000
2000 Improved Sol-Gel Consolidants on Stone Princeton University NJ $49,347
2000 Instructional Video: “Repairing Dry-Stone Retaining Walls” Dry-Stone Conservancy KY $35,692
2000 I-Sites: An Interactive Web Enabled GIS and Database for Iowa Archaeology University of Iowa IA $39,988
2000 Non-Destructive Imagin of Worn-Off Hallmarks and Engraving from Metal Objects of Art Using Scanning Acoustic Microscopy The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art KS $18,379
2000 North American Database and Website of Archaeological Geophysics University of Arkansas AR $26,157
2000 Prevention of Biodeterioration of Coatings for Protection of Metallic Monuments, Year 1 Harvard College MA $40,000
1999 A Graphic Guide to Historic American Timber Joinery Timber Framers Guild of North America MA $18,370
1999 A New Protocol for the Analysis of Deteriorated Historic Mortars and Plasters University of Delaware DE $35,250
1999 Building Stones of America National Institute of Standards and Technology MD $25,000
1999 Collaborative Conservation Training Smithsonian Institution (Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery) DC $17,200
1999 Distance Learning: Artifactual Conservation Treatment The New York Public Library, Astor, Tilden and Lenox Foundations NY $40,000
1999 Distance Learning: Conserving Historic Buildings Washington State Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation WA $29,469
1999 Distance Learning: Paper Conservation Northeast Document Conservation Center MA $39,000
1999 Distance Learning: Preserving Thin-Shell Concrete Structures Pennsylvania State University PA $40,000
1999 Effects of Color Temperature and Intensity City University of New York-Brooklyn College NY $39,968
1999 Exploring the Interface of Nature and Culture Atlantic Center for the Environment MA $40,000
1999 Facility Support for Enhanced Analytical Services Williamstown Art Conservation Center MA $49,808
1999 Hawaii Traditional Cultural Places Inventory Database Hawaii State Historic Preservation Office HI $24,206
1999 Improved Sol-Gel Consolidants for Stone Princeton University NJ $48,663
1999 JAIC Online Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation DC $37,016
1999 Luminescence Dating of Prehistoric Human Landscapes University of Washington WA $32,517
1999 Micro-Fading Tester for Lightfastness Evaluation of Art and Artifacts Carnegie-Mellon University PA $39,993
1999 National Register District GIS Project Ohio State Historic Preservation Office OH $39,083
1999 North American Database and Website of Archeological Geophysics University of Arkansas AR $34,501
1999 Organic Coatings for Protecting Outdoor Bronze Sculpture North Dakota State University ND $50,000
1999 Spectral Analysis of Soils Associated with Historic Trails of the Great Plains University of Nebraska NE $40,000
1999 Symposium: Conservation and Preservation of Coquina Florida State Historic Preservation Office FL $7,856
1999 Symposium: Protective Shelter Needs for Archeological Sites in the Southwest United States Committee/International Council on Monuments and Sites DC $14,974
1999 The Interplay of Drawings and On-Site Decisions in Outdoor Theater Designs of the New Deal University of California CA $19,979
1999 The Role of Microorganisms in the Deterioration by Atmospheric Pollutants of Stone Used in Historic Buildings and Monuments Harvard College MA $50,000
1999 Upgrade X-Ray Diffraction Facilities The Detroit Institute of Arts MI $23,085
1998 Analytical Facility Support Williamstown Art Conservation Center, Inc. MA $49,936 MT-2210-98-NC-12
1998 Building Stones of America: 50 Years of the NIST Stone Exposure Test Wall National Institute of Standards and Technology MD $25,000 MT-2210-98-NC-14
1998 Conference: Preserving Historic Guastavino Tile Ceilings, Domes and Vaults New York Landmarks Conservancy NY $10,000 MT-2210-98-NC-149
1998 Conservation Materials Database Museum of Fine Arts MA $37,300 MT-2210-98-NC-74
1998 Distance Learning: NEPA for Preservationists National Preservation Institute VA $39,300 MT-2210-98-NC-90
1998 Draft Historic Building Code Association for Preservation Technology International VA $40,000 MT-2210-98-NC-85
1998 Exploring Archeological Sites Using a Modified Magnetic Susceptibility Probe Southern Illinois University IL $14,525 MT-2210-98-NC-68
1998 Hiker Bronze Monograph University of Delaware DE $49,956 MT-2210-98-NC-01
1998 Masonry – 160 Years of Indexed Bibliography The Masonry Society CO $6,500 MT-2210-98-NC-141
1998 Modeling Simulated Archeological Features Using Advanced Geophysical Techniques US Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories IL $40,000
1998 Museum Lighting: Minimizing Damage while Maximizing Aesthetics Brooklyn College NY $39,982 MT-2210-98-NC-32
1998 Nondestructive Methods for the Structural Evaluation of Wood Floor Systems in Historic Buildings Purdue University IN $40,000
1998 Online Information for Preserving Religious Properties Partners for Sacred Places PA $40,000 MT-2210-98-NC-19
1998 Proceedings of the 11th Conference on Restoring Southern Gardens and Landscapes Old Salem, Inc. NC $6,500 MT-2210-98-NC-147
1998 Protective Coating Systems for Outdoor Bronze Sculpture and Ornamentation National Gallery of Art DC $50,000
1998 Removing Gypsum Crusts from Carbonate Rocks Using Intermittent Flow Techniques Art2Facts, Inc. NY $29,900 MT-2210-98-NC-10
1998 Research Priorities for Natural History Collections Conservation Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections DC $9,950 MT-2210-98-NC-138
1998 Salt Decay of Porous Materials – A Literature Review United States Committee/International Council on Monuments and Sites DC $10,000 MT-2210-98-NC-02
1998 Salt Decay of Porous Materials: A Literature Review US/ICOMOS DC $10,000 MT-2210-98-NC-02
1998 The Role of Microorganisms in Deterioration of Stone by Atmospheric Pollutants Harvard College MA $50,383
1998 The Science, Technology, and Treatment of Albumen Photographs Monterey Museum of Art CA $40,000 MT-2210-98-NC-129
1998 Workshops: Ground Penetrating Radar University of Denver CO $40,000 MT-2210-98-NC-133
1998 Workshops: Harlem – Preserving an Historic Neighborhood Abyssinian Development Corporation NY $36,750 MT-2210-98-NC-58
1997 Advancing SHPO Geographic Information Systems in the Western United States New Mexico State Historic Preservation Office and Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office NM $36,243 MT-2210-97-NC-106
1997 Conservation of Historic Brick Structures New York University-Institute of Fine Arts NY $15,000 MT-2210-97-NC-171
1997 Coordinate Measurement of Ships and Smallcraft Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc. CT $15,000 MT-2210-97-NC-206
1997 Digital Image Enhancements of Plan-View Geophysical Data Sets The Trustees of Boston University MA $11,499 MT-2210-97-NC-23
1997 Digital Videographic Imaging of Archeological Data Anne Arundel County Trust for Preservation, Inc. MD $15,000 MT-2210-97-NC-208
1997 Digitization of Primary Documents Pertaining to the Archeological Collections from California and Nevada in the Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology Regents of the University of California-Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology CA $23,001 MT-2210-97-NC-132
1997 Distance Learning: Preservation TrainNet Goucher College MD $38,350 MT-2210-97-NC-54
1997 Enhanced Analytical Services Williamstown Art Conservation Center, Inc. MA $49,942 MT-2210-97-NC-12
1997 Lead Paint in Historic Preservation Illinois Historic Preservation Agency IL $40,000 MT-2210-97-NC-114
1997 Living with the Past: Preserving Community Resources Oregon State Historic Preservation Office OR $23,640 MT-2210-97-NC-19
1997 Michigan Historic Sites Database Online Michigan State Historic Preservation Office MI $32,977 MT-2210-97-NC-76
1997 Museum Lighting Protocol Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute NY $35,359 MT-2210-97-NC-102
1997 Nondestructive Method for Evaluating the Hardness of Pointing Mortars Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute CO $39,765 MT-2210-97-NC-146
1997 Non-Destructive Structural Evaluation of Wood Floor Systems Purdue University Division of Sponsored Programs IN $40,000 MT-2210-97-NC-36
1997 Non-Linear Documentation Strategies for Incorporating Computerized Solid Modeling in Historic Building Surveys Texas A&M University TX $15,000 MT-2210-97-NC-84
1997 Protecting the Underwater Cultural Heritage: US Policy for Protecting Submerged Cultural Resources Beyond the Three-Mile Limit The Trustees of Boston University MA $14,935 MT-2210-97-NC-189
1997 Protective Coating Systems for Outdoor Bronze Sculpture and Ornamentation National Gallery of Art DC $50,000 MT-2210-97-NC-143
1997 Review of Recent GIS Applications for Archaeology Argonne National Laboratory IL $15,000 MT-2210-97-NC-214
1997 Rock Art Conservation – Theory and Practice American Rock Art Research Association AZ $8,700 MT-2210-97-NC-04
1997 Subsurface Acoustical Imaging Technology – Ground Penetrating Sonar Scripps Institute Of Oceanography CA $14,901
1997 Symposium: Care and Preservation of Horse-Drawn Vehicles The Museums at Stony Brook NY $12,591 MT-2210-97-NC-149
1997 Symposium: Teaching with Historic Places National Park Service-National Register of Historic Places DC $11,460 MT-2210-97-NC-35
1997 The Conservation and Preservation of Tabby Georgia State Historic Preservation Office GA $10,580 MT-2210-97-NC-197
1997 The Role of Microorganisms in the Deterioration by Atmospheric Pollutants of Stone Used in Historic Buildings and Monuments Harvard University MA $48,631 MT-2210-97-NC-142
1997 Workshop: Techniques for Restoring and Conserving Three-Dimensional and Stained Glass Objects Nebraska State Historic Preservation Office-Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center NE $17,563 MT-2210-97-NC-105
1996 A New Technique for Accurately Dating Prehistoric Rock Paintings Texas A&M University TX $39,954
1996 Arizona’s Cultural Resource Database – Developing a Master Plan Arizona State Museum AZ $34,548
1996 Building Code Issues in Rehabilitation – Solutions and Precedents California Preservation Foundation CA $38,178
1996 Computerizing Maryland’s Historic Site Records Maryland State Historic Preservation Office MD $39,820
1996 Developing a Prototypical Historic Fire Risk Index to Evaluate Fire Safety in Historic Buildings Fire Safety Institute VT $38,496
1996 Developing Comprehensive Testing Protocols for Protective Coatings for Silver Objects in Museum Collections Corrosion and Materials Research Institute DE $39,844
1996 Developing Models for Parking and Pedestrian Circulation Design in Historic Downtowns University of Kentucky KY $14,301
1996 Developing Standards and Procedures for Recording Courthouses Using Customized Digital Technologies University of Texas TX $39,754
1996 Distance Learning: Preserving Mechanical Systems Belmont Technical College OH $37,920
1996 Internet Access to State-by-State Preservation Law National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers DC $40,000
1996 Maritime Cultural Resources – Developing and Sharing an Expandable Online Database Ohio State Historic Preservation Office OH $40,000
1996 Providing Public Access to Hawaii’s Preservation Information via World Wide Web Hawaii State Historic Preservation Office HI $9,500
1996 Using Aerial Photography to Document and Monitor the Condition of Prehistoric Earthen Structures Society for American Archeology DC $40,000
1996 Using Three-Dimensional Ground Penetrating Radar to Locate and Identify Buried Archeological Features University of Colorado CO $39,860
1996 UVa Law Library Collection – Developing an Internet Database for Preservation Law University of Virginia Law School Foundation VA $27,937
1996 Video: Restoring Dry-Stone Walls and Fences Kentucky Heritage Council KY $24,032
1996 Workshop and Technical Field Guide: Hazards in Conservation Materials and Processes RESTORE, Inc. NY $40,000
1996 Workshop: Cultural Resources Protection for Northern Nevada Tribes Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California NV $40,000
1996 Workshop: Historic Landscapes The Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation NY $37,100
1996 Workshop: Historic Preservation Short Course for Planning and Preservation Commissioners University of Georgia GA $28,270
1995 An Investigation into the Effects and Removal of Diethylaminoethanol Deposits on Painting Media Indiana University Art Museum IN $38,815
1995 Analyzing the Economic Impact of Historic Preservation in our Nation’s Most Densely Populated State New Jersey Historic Trust NJ $40,000
1995 Construction Technology Manual for Historic Buildings in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Caribbean Heritage PR $34,830
1995 Designing a Controlled Archeological Test Site for Evaluating Non-Invasive Technologies for Archeological Site Assessment US Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories IL $37,250
1995 Developing a Conservation Inventory of Frank Lloyd Wright Structures Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy IL $30,000
1995 Developing Agent-Based Computer Simulations for Identifying and Interpreting Archeological Sites Washington State University WA $35,463
1995 Developing Protective Coating Systems for Outdoor Bronze Sculptures and Ornamentation National Gallery of Art DC $37,500 NPS 1443IA0001195021
1995 Distance Learning: A Multimedia Approach to Training Staff in Simple Book Repair Dartmouth College NH $6,290
1995 Documenting the Movement of Historic Objects Using Advanced Computer Simulation Technologies National Preservation Institute DC $36,000
1995 Evaluating the Impact of Revegetation on the Preservation of Archeological Sites University of Mississippi MS $20,000
1995 Field Testing a Non-Invasive, Non-Toxic Baiting System for Protecting Historic Structures from Subterranean Termites University of Florida FL $40,000
1995 Field Testing Remote Sensing Systems for the Protection of Historic and Prehistoric Sites and Monuments from Vandalism University of California CA $40,000
1995 Heritage Education Teacher’s Manual Using Historic Landscapes Morgan County Landmarks Society GA $6,937
1995 Investigating Relationships Between Heritage Preservation and Economic Development in Rural Areas Using the Bayou Teche Heritage Corridor as a Model Louisiana State University LA $39,978
1995 Investigating the Biogeochemical Relationship Between Prehistoric Rock Paints and Natural Rock Accretions Newberry College SC $29,070
1995 Investigating the Use of Silicones for the Treatment of Wet or Waterlogged Organic Materials Texas A&M University TX $39,640
1995 Investigating the Use of Turn-of-the-Century Whitewares as Economic Indicators for Evaluating Sites for National Register Eligibility Ohio State Historic Preservation Office OH $10,394
1995 Preparing a Directory of Chemical Spot Tests for Materials Characterization University of Arizona AZ $28,310
1995 Researching the Use of Oral Histories to Interpret African-American Theaters in the South City of Macon GA $39,988
1995 Seminar: Landscaping for Historic Properties Southern Cultural Heritage Foundation MS $6,850
1995 Training for Instructor’s Certificate in the Building Trades University of Vermont Vt $33,401
1995 Video: Culture Shock: Fire Protection for Historic and Cultural Property Boston University MA $40,000
1995 Video: Lead-Based Paint Abatement in Historic Structures Maryland State Historic Preservation Office MD $19,500
1995 Workshop and Training Manual: Three-Dimensional Coordinate Measurement of Historic Artifacts Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc. CT $23,821
1995 Workshop: American Indian Voices in Preservation Crow Canyon Archaeological Center CO $19,320
1994 Effectiveness of Protective Glazing for Historic Stained Glass Windows Inspired Partnerships IL $34,320
1994 Efficient Techniques for Analyzing Blood Residues on Tools from Archeological Sites Smithsonian Institution-Conservation Analytical Laboratory DC $36,524
1994 Guidelines for Allowable Temperature Fluctuations in Museums and Historic Properties Smithsonian Institution-Conservation Analytical Laboratory DC $38,998
1994 Improvements of Existing Heating and Air Conditioning Systems in Historic Structures New York State Historic Preservation Office NY $40,000
1994 Interactive Multimedia Training for Advanced Mapping Technologies Bureau of Land Management AZ $40,000
1994 Low-Cost Photogrammetric Data Archival System University of Arkansas AR $37,428
1994 Methods and Technologies for Preserving Woody Plants in Historic Landscapes Harvard University-Arnold Arboretum MA $40,000
1994 Preservation Resource Guide for Public Works Managers American Public Works Association MO $39,200
1994 Preserving Historic Carved Sandstone Buildings in Marine Environments Historic Preservation Commission CA $31,925
1994 Proceedings of The Techniques and Uses of Garden Archaeology Conference United States Committee/International Council on Monuments and Sites DC $7,500
1994 Testing the Energy Performance of Historic Windows in Cold Climates Vermont State Historic Preservation Office VT $40,000
1994 Video: Connections: Preserving America’s Landscape Legacy American Society of Landscape Architects DC $20,000
1994 Workshop: Methods of Archeological Site Discovery and Evaluation Society for American Archaeology and National Park Service-Archeology and Ethnography DC $27,600