Submitting Samples

We are committed to expanding the National Building Stone Database to make it a comprehensive and useful resource and, with your help, we can make it happen!

If you have a sample of a building or decorative stone that you would like to donate to the collection, here's how to do it.

Sorry but no remuneration of any kind will be given.


Physical samples need be no larger than 6 x 6 x 1/2 inches. Smaller samples may suffice and larger samples may be neccesary in order to demonstrate distinctive features such as grain of "figuring".

Information to Include

Please include the name and location of the quarry. Locations can be approximate (e.g. "near Merrill, Wisconsin") but a precise location with geographic coordinates is preferred.

Sending Samples

Mail samples to:

Attn. Building Stone
National Park Service
645 University Pkwy.
Natchitoches, LA  71457