Vermont Verde Antique

Submitted by Raven Mueller on Wed, 2014-07-09 16:01
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Very Angular
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Very Fine
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Specimen: 2013-015

This specimen, although commercially identified as a marble, appears to be a calc-silicate serpentinite. The rock type could also be identified as a verd antique or opicalcite. The fabric is principally composed of bands of two different compositions: one is of randomly oriented, interlocking, elongate grains of quartz and a lesser amount of carbonates, the other is nearly wholly serpentine. A few larger quartz grains ~.6 mm maximum dimension were identified based on interference figures, these crystals have intergrowths with opaques and calcite. Overall the specimen’s texture is decussate with common quartz size ranges from .9 mm by .3 mm to cryptocrystalline. Much of the serpentine is fibrous, or in a tigers eye or net growth pattern. Calcite crystals occur in bands and pockets of anhedral crystals. Maximum individual crystal dimension is 1.5 mm; minimum is .05 mm; modal range is around .6 to .15 mm. Overall calcite contribution is around 15 to 55 percent, this figure is hard to estimate due to the discrete clustering of calcite. Opaque minerals are relatively abundant at around 10 to 15 percent of slide area. Serpentine and quartz are hard to distinguish due to the close birefringence values and small size of most crystals, but quartz likely constitutes at least 50 percent of slide area.
7/9/2015 MP


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Specimen ID
2013-015 Image of specimen in dry conditions. Finish: Polisheddownload image Close-up image of specimen in dry conditions. Finish: Polisheddownload image

Thin Sections

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2013-015 Specimen shown in non-polarized image Specimen shown in cross-polarized image


NOTE: Quarry locations are approximate.

Vermont Verde Antique Quarry
Quarry Hill Rd.
05767 Rochester , Vermont
United States
43° 54' 53.7372" N, 72° 48' 25.74" W
Vermont US

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