Stoke Hall

Submitted by Ed FitzGerald on Tue, 2015-03-10 09:45
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A fine to medium grained buff coloured sandstone from the Carboniferous age.

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Specimen: 2015-006
This specimen is a sandstone. Detrital grains constitute about 70 percent of slide area, void space is approximately 10 percent, and the remaining area is occupied by fine cementing matrix. Much of the void space is potentially the result of recent weathering or even slide preparation, formally filled by matrix. Compaction has altered many grain shapes but most were likely subrounded to subangular. Of the detrital grains, quartz comprises about 85 percent of grains. Sutured plutonic/metamorphic quartz-feldspar lithic fragments predominate among the remaining portion with monomineralic feldspars, biotite, muscovite, and opaques (mostly iron oxide/hydroxides) contributing lesser amounts. Based on these estimates this sandstone is classified as a lithic greywacke (this assumes much of the void space was originally fine-grained matrix). Wave extinction and rare intergrowth textures in quartz provide clues to the contributing parent material. The constituent grains are poorly sorted. These observations suggest the parent material of detrital grains was mineralogically immature. Textural maturity is also immature. Maximum grain size is 1.25 mm and minimum is .04 mm. The modal size is around .4 mm. There is a distinct band of clay, micaceous minerals, and iron oxide/hydroxides .8 mm wide and 9 mm long. The orientation of this aggregate reflects sedimentary bedding that matches preferential grain elongation of mica and elongate quartz grains. Matrix cement is predominantly low birefringent mica and platy minerals. This soft cementing medium may have once filled many of the pore spaces as well. The hand sample presents no visible macrostructure, such as bedding.
MP 9/5/2015


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2015-006 Image of specimen in dry conditions. Finish: Smooth sawndownload image Image of specimen in wet conditions. Finish: Smooth sawndownload image

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2015-006 Specimen shown in non-polarized image Specimen shown in cross-polarized image


NOTE: Quarry locations are approximate.

Stoke Hall Quarry
S32 2HW Grindleford , Derbyshire
United Kingdom
53° 17' 20.2776" N, 1° 38' 51.612" W
Derbyshire GB

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