Standard Gray (Maple Hill)

Submitted by Raven Mueller on Wed, 2014-07-02 16:07
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Specimen: 2014-002
This specimen is a fossiliferous limestone. The limestone is loosely grain supported, suggesting lithification prior to compaction. The cementing matrix is sparite with minimal micrite in the cementing medium. Allochems comprise approximately 80 percent of slide area. These criteria define the limestone as a grainstone. Allochem composition is about 75 percent ooid and 25 percent bioclasts. These estimates and degree of sorting characterize the limestone as a sorted oosparite. Identifiable bioclasts are predominantly elongate fragments probably corresponding predominantly to bivalves, as opposed to brachiopods. Foraminifera, echinoderms and a singular poorly preserved coral or bryozoan are also present. Most all bioclasts have micritic envelopes. Maximum bivalve fragment dimension is 4 mm (not measuring sinuosity) and a modal range is around 2 to 1 mm. Other bioclast maximum dimensions are as follows: foraminifera .8 mm, enchioderm 1 mm, and coral/bryozoan 8.8 mm. Maximum ooid size is .6 mm and the minimum is .15; the modal range is around .2 to .4 mm. Far less than 1 percent of slide area is extant void space, mostly intraparticle. A few intraparticle voids created by sealed bivalves are also present. Examination of the hand sample suggests fossil prevalence and scale may vary substantially in this material. The thin section slide on which this description is based was either poorly consolidated, poorly prepared, or contained significant water soluble minerals.
7/14/15 MP


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Specimen ID
2014-002 No image available. Close-up image of specimen in dry conditions. Finish: Smooth sawndownload image Image of specimen in wet conditions. Finish: Smooth sawndownload image Close-up image of specimen in wet conditions. Finish: Smooth sawndownload image

Thin Sections

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2014-002 Specimen shown in non-polarized image Specimen shown in cross-polarized image


NOTE: Quarry locations are approximate.

B.G. Hoadley Quarries
3032 Arlington Road
47404 Bloomington , Indiana
United States
39° 11' 29.0292" N, 86° 32' 50.064" W
Indiana US

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