Carthage Marble

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Carthage, Missouri, is situated in the southwestern portion of the state, about 20 miles from Joplin. It is in the heart of the lead and zinc mining district of the southwest, but is known as well for its deposits of limestone, which are extensively worked, for building purposes. The quarries cover a tract of about 200 acres, and produced in 1906 a total of three-quarters of a million cubic feet of stone.

The limestone is white, with a slight grayish tint, which is more restful to the eye than dead white. It is hard, being highly crystalline, and of a close, even texture. Analysis shows it to be almost pure carbonate of lime. Its components are:

Insoluble - 0.69

Oxides of iron and alumina (Fe2O Al2O3) - 0.21

Carbonate of Lime (CaCO3) - 98.57

Carbonate of Magnesia (MgCO3) - 0.65

(Total) - 100.12

(Figures of Missouri Bureau of Geology and Mines.)

Tests give a crushing strength of 20,261 pounds to the square inch at right angles to the bed plane, and of 16,551 pounds to the square inch when the stone is on edge. The absorption of moisture is practically 0. These features make Carthage stone very desirable for buildings, flagging and other uses requiring severe wear. The stone weathers imperceptibly, and when used for steps or floors shows wearing qualities equal to those of granite. Carthage, a city of 15,000 inhabitants, is largely built of this beautiful white stone, which is used for sidewalks and curbing, as well as for residences, business and public buildings. Carthage is for this reason one of the most physically attractive cities in the southwestern central states. Carthage stone has also been shipped to Kansas City, St. Louis, and many other points where it is held in esteem.

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