Any visibly granular, igneous rock consisting mostly of feldspars and quartz accompanied by one or more dark minerals. (ASTM C1528) The texture is typically homogeneous but may be gneissic or porphyritic. Some dark granular igneous rocks, though not geologically granite, are included in the definition. (ASTM C119)


Barre Granite

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The Barre Granite is a Devonian granite pluton near the town of Barre in Washington County, Vermont. It intrudes into the Waits River Formation.

The granite is mined at the E. L. Smith Quarry, owned by the Rock of Ages Corporation. "Barre Gray" granite is sought after worldwide for its fine grain, even texture, and superior weather resistance.

Milford Pink Granite

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Milford granite is a Proterozoic igneous rock located in and around the town of Milford, Massachusetts, covering an area of approximately 100 km2, as mapped by the USGS. It is described as a light-gray to pale orange-pink biotite granite. The biotite is typically in clots or short streaks. It is commonly locally gneissic.


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