Three people observing a computer screen while measuring surface texture iwth a wide area optical profilometer.

Researchers study a pottery sherd using profilometry.

NCPTT researchers are excited to test out their new Keyence Profilometer yesterday. This instrument adds to the suite of imaging tools at NCPTT. A profilometer is a measuring system that can accurately determine and quantify the roughness of a surface. The Keyence VR-3200 instrument uses white light to measure surfaces to 0.1um resolution. The great things about our new instrument are the wide area it can cover and the speed of the scan. It can measure areas up to 200mm x 100mm X 50mm area in a matter of minutes! And it can export data into CAD compatible files (.STP, .ASCI, .XLS) for 3D modeling!

NCPTT researchers use a profilometer to determine things like how a preservation treatment might change the surface of an artifact over time. Alternately, archeologists can study tool marks on ceramics in great detail. If you have ideas about how this instrument might benefit your work, let us know!

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