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Sukrit Sen and Ina Sthapit.

Sukrit Sen and Ina Sthapit.

Ina Sthapit, an US ICOMOS International Exchange intern from Nepal, is based at NCPTT (National Center for Preservation Technology and Training) Natchitoches, Louisiana from June-August 2019. She is doing her Master’s in Historic Preservation at the University of Florida. She is currently helping the Center laser scan the cabins of tenant farmers in the Oakland Plantation along the Cane River, and few of the other houses within Natchitoches Parish.

Sukrit Sen is working with Jason Church to document the disappearing slave cabins in the historic plantations along the Cane River in Nachitoches, Louisiana. He will also help develop oral histories to find out how music and other intangible aspects were an important part of these resident’s day to day lives and also influenced their stay in these cabins.

Sukrit, an architect by profession and a musician by passion, is from India. He has been practicing tabla, an Indian percussion instrument and has been in the field of Indian Classical Music for the last two decades. He has been involved with the heritage fraternity for the last 4 years now and his main interest lies in looking at tangible and intangible linkages as a method to catalyze heritage conservation by the people and for the people. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree in Heritage Management from Ahmedabad University, India and has visited the United States as an intern this summer for the US ICOMOS International Exchange Program, 2019.

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