Do Not Migrate

Researchers at the University of New Hampshire have uncovered new information about the mystery of the pre-European archaeological monument sites in Michigan. Researchers from the university decided to focus on burial mounds and circular earthwork enclosures that are subject to high rates of destruction. They borrowed a modeling technique from landscape ecology called Maximum Entropy or MaxEnt and learned about the unique niches each occupied in their respective landscapes. Burial mounds were found to be around inland lakes while circular earthwork enclosures were near rivers. To unlock further “secrets” of the mounds and enclosures, researchers used archaeological archives. Once examining these archives they compiled a database of mounds and enclosures that were documented in Michigan. Once this data was obtained, they put it back into the MaxEnt program.

For more information about this study, check out this link to the full article at Heritage Daily.


An example of a Michigan Mound. (Photo from Heritage Daily).

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