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Dugout canoe moved to the Hibulb Cultural Center for Conservation.

Dugout canoe moved to the Hibulb Cultural Center for Conservation.

Two additional grants totaling $50,000 were made to the following recipients.  The Tulalip Tribes Hibulb Cultural Center is receiving $25,000 to develop a symposium on the Conservation and Continuation of Native American Monumental Wood Carving.  The California Preservation Foundation is receiving $25,000 to advance distance learning through the Preservation Virtual Classroom.

The Tulalip Tribes Hibulb Cultural Center, Tulalip, Washington, will host a two day conference that examines the complexity of the history, cultural relevance and the conservation of monumental wooden carvings. The symposium will address the history behind the past care of poles, posts, canoes and similar large Native carvings held in conventional museum settings, while at the same examining their original purposes and the personal visions of the Native Carver.

This symposium will be a collaborative effort that will make connections between Native and non-Native museum collections managers, conservators, Native American carvers and Native American cultural resource managers.  Its aim is to help all concerned identify and better understand how best to conserve, preserve and  present Native American monumental wood carvings, both historic and contemporary, taking into consideration the cultural and professional backgrounds and concerns of all parties.

California Preservation Foundation seeks to expand its traditional preservation education program by using new technologies to offer interactive online preservation courses in a virtual classroom setting where people can select professional and technical courses from a menu of offerings.

Target audiences include those interested in preservation education who can neither travel nor afford traditional face-to-face classes. Although limited online preservation learning currently exists, these offerings are mostly theoretical and expensive.

This grant allows CPF to research the most suitable software platforms and instructional formats for courses currently provided and to facilitate their conversion and placement on the internet.

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