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Timber Framers Guild

Timber Framers Guild

The Timber Framers Guild, a 501-C3 educational association, has registered and implemented a U.S. Department of Labor certified Apprenticeship Program.  Timber framing is a multi-disciplinary carpentry trade and its many aspects will be taught as part of the Guild apprenticeship program. One segment of this broad based education covers both the living timber framed architectural heritage, and necessary preservation methodologies.

The Guild has among its membership many preservation specialists, representing specialized skills in building types such as mills, steeples, covered bridges, and the study, documentation and restoration of regional timber frame typologies. These people have willingly shared their knowledge and unique skill sets and some have authored monographs published by the Guild, including NCPTT sponsored research such as Historic American Timber Joinery: a Graphic Guide.

Many of these same people have contributed to the Guild’s curricula, and will continue to refine this foundation the apprenticeship program, for use in the continued training of coming generations of timber framers.

The Guild does seek project based educational opportunities for Journeyworkers, Apprentices, Members, and the public as a means to deliver professional training in a workplace setting.

For more information on the Apprenticeship Program visit or contact the Timber Framers Guild at:, PO Box 295, 9 Mechanic St Alstead, NH 03602-0295.

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