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This lecture is part of the 2009 Nationwide Cemetery Preservation Summit

Thinking Outside the Fence: A Comprehensive Model for Historic Cemetery Management by Natalie Wampler

What Happened to the historic cemetery? Why are so many in a state of decline, disrepair, or abandonment? This presentation examines the root causes of historic cemetery’s struggles ranging from the lack of financial resources to land management issues. “Thinking Outside the Fence” will present the first known comprehensive model for historic cemetery management that not only includes conservation in its approach, but also addresses four other main categories such as Money, Management, Marketing, and Master Planning. Over the past four years, John Bry has visited countless cemeteries in the eastern U.S., spoken with their leadership, met with community leaders, and understands how the national death care industry operates. He began to see a pattern of need, issues, and approaches that could be applied to any cemetery of any size and any location. Using common sense approaches seen in the community revitalization world, and applying those standards to historic cemeteries, it is the hope a new national conversation on the place of these icons in the cultural landscape will emerge.

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