Do Not Migrate

This poster was presented at A Century of Design in the Parks Symposium, Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 21-23, 2016.

Donald Harvey

MonumentValleyPoster (1)pdfAbstract

The Rustic style predominated in the 1930s both in our National Park Sites and in local parks projects as guided by NPS design professionals. Perhaps nowhere else in the western United States is there a more diverse collection of features representative of these design attributes then at Monument Valley Park in Colorado Springs. The process of their preservation commenced with detailed condition assessments of the 40 features, proceeded to articulation of remedial treatments and interventions, cost estimation, and a prioritization of the treatments for each feature and for the collection. Multiple techniques were used for condition assessment including NDE with surface penetrating radar. For two of the major features restoration has been completed. The project funding has been accomplished with a combination of sources: City of Colorado Springs in-kind donations, Colorado State Historic Fund grants, and broad-based local financial support organized by the non-profit Friends of Monument Park.

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