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Magnetic gradiometry and electrical resistivity surveys carried out at the site of Whistling Elk (39HU242), was unambiguously defined numerous features including fortification ditches, bastion loops, and houses. one anomaly group was particularly noteworthy because it suggested an unusually large house measuring approximately 100 m2, 3-4 times larger than houses known through excavation or other ones apparent in geophysical evidence at the site. Its shape and interior features were uncharacteristically well define, despite nearly a meter of overburden. Test excavations were conducted to verify the nature of the anomalies and to acquire evidence about the function of this structure. Three hypotheses are examined concerning this “Big House”: it was a ceremonial lodge, a communal lodge, or a high-statues dwelling. Owing to the discovery of numerous domestic artifacts and food remains on its floor, the last two hypotheses gain favor.

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