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During rehabilitation of historic buildings, the question of how to treat the windows is inevitably raised. Within the decision-making process for deciding to replace or renovate an existing window, energy consideration should not be the primary criteria, but should not be ignored. This study investigates the types of historic windows and viable methods for striking the balance between retaining a window’s historic character and energy efficiency. This research was made possible through Grant MT-0424-4-NC-25 from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT). Related Resources: 

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Download “HISTORIC WINDOWS: REPAIR OR REPLACE (1996-08c)” 1996-08c2.pdf – Downloaded 63 times – 2 MB

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3 Responses to Testing the Energy Performance of Wood Windows in Cold Climates: A Report to the State of Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, Agency of Commerce and Community (1996-08)

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