Landscape maintenance is a critical element in historic cemetery preservation.  Yet often the landscape is neglected or improperly maintained, resulting in damaged historic features and a loss of historic landscape character.

NCPTT presented a webinar addressing landscape maintenance in historic cemeteries on April 7, 2010. Course instructor Jason Church discussed sensitive maintenance practices for cemetery landscape care.  The course provides an overview of landscape maintenance issues and their impact on cemetery historic resources.  Topics include landscape documentation, replacing key features, removing invasive plants, mowing and trimming, tree care, and addressing conflicts between historic vegetation and built features.

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8 Responses to Landscape Maintenance in Cemeteries

  1. Jerry Shay says:

    I am the groundskeeper for Lee Mission Cemetery in Salem, Oregon. This is a Nationally Registered Historic Cemetery. It is Run by a non profit Board. I would very much like what ever information I can get to help me and the Board be good stewards of this cemetery.

    • Debbie Smith says:

      Have you downloaded or watched any of the cemetery preservation videos from the NCPTT website? You can also request copies at no charge from the website.
      Check out our online product catalog. Debbie Smith

  2. Joy Lynn says:

    I am very interested in preservation of the historic cemetaries. I will be online to check out your webinar on april 7th.

    I am on the committee that works on the preservations of our catholic historical coal mining cemetaries in the fayette co area of wv.
    (scarbro,glen jean, oak hill) I am the director of the Whipple company store & Museum and work very hard to keep the preservation alive and active. Documenting the stone stories and shareing the history of the artisic elements of the tombstones/headstones is a passion of mine. Thank you for your efforts.
    Joy Lynn-

  3. Bryan Pickworth says:

    Can you download the webinar after the fact?? Not sure if I will be able to watch @ broadcast time. Thanks BP

  4. John Runnette says:

    I am late to finding this blog and, also, would like to know if this webinar is able to be downloaded after the fact as I am on a committee for a Nationally Registered Historic Cemetary in western PA. If not, I will check back for future articles and webinars.

    John Runnette

  5. Name*Theresa Berghoff says:

    Thank you for the Cemetery Landscape Maintenance Webinar.

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