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The study of climate change impacts on cultural landscapes in the Pacific West Region (PWR), National Park Service (NPS), was conducted by the Cultural Landscape Research Group (CLRG)+, a unit of the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Oregon (UO), in collaboration with the National Park Service. Working with climate scientists, archeologists, ecologists, historians, biologists, botanists, preservationists, and designers CLRG utilized NPS and USGS localized climate projections to assess how cultural landscapes within the PWR have the potential to be affected by climate, and developed recommendations on future research toward the agency’s goal of ensuring cultural landscapes are resilient to climate change.

This project responds to the growing need to understand the potential effects of projected climate trends and events on cultural landscapes. Previous to this study, in 2015, with funding through the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, the NPS Climate Change and Cultural Resources Programs worked with the UO team to develop a manual entitled “Climate Change and Cultural Landscapes: Research, Planning, and Stewardship.” That manual continued to refine an effort to develop adaptation options for climate change impacts to cultural landscapes by offering a range of potential actions or ‘decision trees’ for resource managers and decision makers. That project included a study of cultural landscapes in six eastern US national parks, resulting in the fundamental methodological structure of this work, and the decision tree that has guided the current effort. This project builds on that previous work and manual.

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