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Preserve America

Preserve America Summit Implementation Report

Promote innovation by creating a clearinghouse through the National Park Service National Center for Preservation Technology and Training to disseminate information on innovative technologies and encourage their use.

Date: 12/13/07

Reporting Agency/Agencies:
National Park Service, National Center for Preservation Technology and Training

Kirk A. Cordell, Executive Director, 318/356-7444

Progress Since Last Report:
Completed Social Media Marketing Plan and reported on results to staff; marketing program will develop an Online Newsroom over the next few months, and program areas will explore potential for using blogs, social bookmarking, social networking, video sharing, micro sharing, and event notification to share preservation information with a wider audience.

Briefed Congressman Jim McCrery’s staff on Preserve America initiative and reporting system.

Identified data cataloguing software to improve access to, and management of, NCPTT data; negotiated discount and prepared purchase request.

Streamlined PTT Grants Program application process and improved quality of applications by adding pre-proposal process, all handled online; improved quality of applications means better technology and better dissemination within existing funds.

Next Actions:
Identify appropriate federal, nonprofit and other partners to develop the national clearinghouse strategy.

Purchase data cataloguing software.

Begin implementing Social Media Marketing Plan.

Problems or Constraints:
Lack of financial and staff resources to implement a fully integrated clearinghouse.

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