Alison Rohly working at NDSU on stone consolidants

My name is Alison Rohly, and I’m a new summer intern here at NCPTT. I’m currently a PhD student in the Department of Coatings and Polymeric Materials at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND. I have worked on a variety of research projects ranging from siloxane-polyurethane marine coatings for naval ships to developing biobased materials for renewable melamine-formaldehyde and epoxy thermosets. In the fall of 2016, I began a stone consolidation research project in partnership with NCPTT, formulating stone coatings that outperform current commercially available consolidants (and so far with promising results!). Through this partnership, I was fortunate to have this opportunity to spend my summer here at NCPTT and continue the stone coating research project with the hopes of understanding more from a conservation/preservation perspective.

Originally from the Twin Cities, I received my B.S. in Chemistry at Bethel University (St. Paul, MN). Throughout college, I worked as a technical aide at 3M (St. Paul) in the Automotive Aftermarket division, where my first exposure to the world of coatings coupled with incredible mentors inherently determined my career goals. After graduation, I worked at Valspar (Minneapolis) for 6 months analyzing coating performance and failure through a variety of testing conditions and ASTM methods. During this time, my interest in the chemistry behind the coating systems grew, and it was only a matter of time before I decided to further pursue a higher degree in Coatings and Polymeric Materials at NDSU. I made the long and tortuous trek to Fargo (a whole 3.5 hours!!) and began graduate school in the fall of 2012 in Dr. Dean Webster’s research group.

As a lifetime northern Midwesterner, I’m currently adjusting to the increased temperature and humidity here in Natchitoches as well as preparing myself for the possibility of encountering poisonous snakes and spiders. However I’ve greatly enjoyed the change of scenery in this beautiful town, and I look forward to an amazing summer!

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