Do Not Migrate
Graduate in cap and gown standing next to his advisor

ACBA Dean and Professor Emeritus Congratulate his student, Peter Thuroyni on his

a carved stone çrocket

A capstone project of a çrocket being produced for the Washington National Cathedral by Peter Thuronyi graduate ACBA 2020.

During the American College of Building Arts (ACBA) 2020 Graduation Dean and Professor Emeritus Simeon Warren, NCPTT”s New Chief of Architecture and Engineering, gave the keynote speech to students completing their Bachelor of Applied Science in the Building Arts. After 19 years building ACBA Warren acknowledged that these students where a new generation of qualified crafts people who should be at the forefront of changing attitudes concerning not only quality building practice but also developing sustainable practices for conserving our built heritage. In his remarks he said “We must imagine how we can again work with nature to resolve the rising concerns of the changing climate. And you will have to ignore those who do not believe the simple truth that humankind has an effect on our environment. How can we use our knowledge and skills to enhance rather than just taking the natural resources our land offers us. Sustainable practices. Reusable methods of construction. New technologies that give back and enhance our built environment. The rejection of unhealthy methods of production and dangerous products that make our buildings unsafe to live in. We must look at our ancestors to know we can make a better future for all.” In Closing he said “Now go out. As we did before you. It is your time to build “ ANEW IDEAL”. 

Distinguished man in suit presents man with honorary diploma.

President Colby Broadwater announces honorary degree in the Building Arts for Simeon Warrens 19 years of work and teaching for the

At the end of the graduation Ceremony ACBA surprised Warren by awarding him an Honorary Degree in the Bachelor of Applied Science in the Building Arts. Warren commented that it “only took him 30 years to complete” Noting that ACBA, which has existed as a degree granting institution since 2005, is the only four year college degree in the world to offer such a degree for training craftspeople in the Building Arts.


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