View of coastal erosion. Photo credit: SCAPE

Scotland’s Coastal Heritage at Risk Project (SCHARP) is a three year venture created by Scottish Coastal Archaeology and the Problem of Erosion (SCAPE) to monitor impacts from coastal erosion in Scotland.  As threats of sea level rise and high storm intensity increase, SCAPE strives to document coastal archaeology while it still exists.

SCHARP relies on public participation, and engages people with an interactive website and phone app.  The SCHARP website is centered on a dynamic map that displays all threatened coastal archaeology sites.  Participants can locate sites on maps, click on the location for summary information, and edit or add information.

The public can also collect data in the field by completing ShoreUpdates, a feature of the mobile app. ShoreUpdates ask the user to answer multiple choice questions, take photographs, and pinpoint locations with GPS. SCHARP will also support a number of ShoreDIG projects to improve, document, or interpret archaeological sites.  ShoreDIG projects are nominated by the public, and may consist of excavation, interpretation, virtual reconstruction, etc.