Established March 17, 1938, Salem Maritime National Historic Site became the first national historic site established by the National Park Service under the National Historic Sites act of 1935. It was created to tell the maritime history of New England and the United States as well as preserve part of Salem, Massachusetts’s historic waterfront. This park tells the story of Salem’s importance in early America’s trade.

Archeologists have unearthed many artifacts that gave windows into the area’s past. As recently as 2012, National Park Service archeologists have conducted major digs to discover more about the area. NPS archeologists used ground penetrating radar to discover the possible existence of the foundations of the Derby Counting House. Archeological digs were then conducted between August and November 2012. In addition, artifacts were cleaned and cataloged. The findings supported narratives describing what happened to the counting house.

For more information about Salem Maritime National Historic Site, visitĀ its website. To learn more about the archeological excavation of the Derby Counting House, check out this link. To read the report regarding the findings of the dig, click here.

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