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Protective Treatments for Western Red Cedar Shingle and Shake Roofs (Year 2)

2017 PTT Grant, Washington State Parks and Recreation, $19,722


Rising costs of maintaining and replacing historic western redcedar shingle and shake roofs together with declining availability and quality of new wood shingles and shakes create a need to investigate protective treatments to improve durability and preserve the historic appearance of these roofs. Performance of ten penetrating, non-film forming, commercial finishes against biotic and abiotic deterioration of western redcedar shingles is studied at three testing sites representing major climates in the Pacific Northwest using natural weathering exposure approach. Data collection for the shingle and coating conditions will be performed at the time of 18 and 24 months of the experiment duration. Properties of finishes and their performance with respect to environmental variables will be statistically modeled to allow for an easy selection of appropriate coatings.

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