Prospection in Depth, NCPTT’s archeological geophysics course, is going to be held in San Francisco at the Presidio in partnership with the Presidio Trust. The five-day course runs from August 4 to 8, 2009. The cost is $499, and housing is provided on post for free! But please note: the final date to register for Prospection in Depth 2009 is Monday, July 6. Register now before the last places are taken!

To learn a bit more, check out our two-minute video podcast about Prospection in Depth 2009:


I am David Morgan. I am the chief of Archeology and Collections here at the National Park Service National Center for Preservation Technology and Training and I am excited about some upcoming training (Prospection in Depth) that we have scheduled for August 4-8, 2009, that we’re hosting in partnership with the Presidio Trust out in San Francisco. This is going to be our annual geophysics workshop course that we call Prospection in Depth.

It is a really unique course for professionals in archeology because it focuses not just on hands on data collection but to a large degree on interpretation as well as making the archeological corletts correspond well with what we see in terms with remotely sense data. Prospection in Depth 2009A lot of times you go to professional workshops or even university workshops on geophysics and you collect data and you work with the machines and you try to interpret the anomalies that you get but the instruction ends there.

So what we’ve done is we have partnered with the Presidio Trust as part of their ongoing archeological resources management plan to come in and inform that plan before they actually begin work. So our participants create data that directly informs what the Presidio Trust in partnership with Sonoma State University of California will be doing for CRM.

As a consequence we get to see during the four or five days that we are out in the Presidio we actually get to see what it is that some of our remotely sense data match up with in the ground. So that for me is the most intriguing part of the course because the participants then get to sit down with the instructors to find out why what the exhibition data produced either match or don’t match with what their expectations were from the geophysical equipment.

So you get real learning opportunity and you also get to tap into all of the expertise of the participants who are usually in academics or coming out of the cultural resource management field. So they have something to contribute.

This coming Monday July 6 is the cutoff date for the registration for the course. There is limited seating still available.

The course is going to run $499 for tuition to cover for five days out in San Francisco. One of the nice things is that housing is provided, which is a huge expense for most people. It will be in a historic barracks facility located right there in the heart of the Presidio with a view out on to the bay of the Golden Gate Bridge.

It really can’t be beat so come on out and join us!