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Prospection in Depth 2008

September 16-20, 2008, San Francisco

Presented by:
The National Center for Preservation Technology & Training and The Presidio Trust

WEEK-LONG COURSE$399lodging included Prospection in Depth
A Workshop for Developing
Advanced Geophysical Surveying and Interpretive Skills
El Presidio
El PresidioProspection in DepthSteve DeVoreDiggingEl Presidio

Archeology on a Deeper Level

Geophysical techniques like radar, magnetometry, conductivity, and resistivity are fast becoming essential archeological skills. They can augment traditional documentation methods, target features for excavation, and minimize expense, site destruction and reconnaisance time.

Our expert instructors will guide you in an intensive learning experience that integrates concepts, data collection, excavation, and interpretation. The historic military post, El Presidio de San Francisco, will be your testing ground.

Scanning the Land: Skills Training in Geophysical Techniques

Armed with the Presidio’s robust GIS database, expert instructors demonstrate the unique ability of geophysical equipment to identify buried sites and site features rapidly and non-destructively. NCPTT challenges traditional pedagogy by making you an active, engaged research partner!

Moving the Earth: Learning by Testing

Most courses end with data collection. But what did it all mean? To learn what it is that caused the signals you must move the earth! Select anomalies will be excavated so that participants can learn just what features create their remotely sensed data. Join NCPTT and the Presidio Trust in an unparalleled opportunity to interpret remote sensing data through the lenses of archival, historical, and archaeological data gathered by the Presidio Archaeology Center over decades of research.

Distance Learning: Geophysics from Home

Afterwards the results will be organized and presented on the Internet in cooperation with the Presidio Trust. You will have the leisure to match your survey notes against the photos, excavation records, and GIS data generated through your efforts and those of the NCPTT and Presidio Trust’s archeological staff. Go to our website now to see results from 2006 and 2007.

For more information, contact David Morgan online or call (318) 356-7444.

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