NOTE: This software is 13 years old and while it runs on Windows XP, it does not run on Windows 7 or Windows 10 even in XP compatibility mode. It’s maintained here for archival purposes.

The Preservation Economic Impact Model 2.0 software allows for the calculation of the total economic effects of historic preservation; these encompass both the direct and multiplier effects.

The direct impact component consists of labor and material purchases made specifically for the preservation activity. The multiplier effects incorporate what are referred to as indirect and induced economic consequences.

The indirect impact component consists of spending on goods and services by industries that produce the items purchased for the historic preservation activity. The induced impact component focuses on the expenditures made by the households of workers involved either directly or indirectly with the activity.

To illustrate, lumber purchased at a hardware store for historic rehabilitation is a direct impact. The purchases of the mill that produced the lumber are an indirect impact. The household expenditures of the workers at both the mill and the hardware store are induced impacts.

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