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Aluminum shutters on home in Vero Beach, FL. (www.photolibrary.fema.gov)

High Winds

  • Protect doors and windows (shutters or covers)
  • Reinforce double doors
  • Reinforce garage doors
  • Remove hazardous trees and potential wind-borne missiles
  • Secure siding and roofs
  • Brace gable end roof framing
  • Know & protect historic character1

Truss Bracing (“Against the Wind”, American Red Cross, 01 Feb 2007, .)

1“Protect Your Property from High Winds”, FEMA, 26 Jan 2007.

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One Response to Preparing Historic Buildings and Sites for a Disaster

  1. sonnitex says:

    Aquí en Lorca ( España) hace un mes en el terremoto los edificios más afectados fueron los de ultima creación que se supone que contemplaban la normativa contra seismos. Sin embargo los más antiguos y que no estaban construidos bajo esta normativa, son los menos afectados ¿ como se Explica eso ?

    Here in Lorca (Spain) last month in the earthquake affected buildings were the latest creation is supposed to contemplated legislation against earthquakes. But the oldest and were not constructed under this policy, are less affected how do you explain that?

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