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Burton, Virginia Lee. The Little House. Houghton Mifflin, 1942
ISBN 0395181569 Hardcover ISBN 039525938X. Paperback

Erickson, Paul. Daily Life On a Southern Plantation, 1853
Lodestar, 1998. ISBN 0525675477. Hardcover

Fricker, Jonathan, Donna Fricker and Patricia Duncan. Louisiana Architecture: A Handbook
on Style. The Center for Louisiana Studies, 1998. ISBN 1887366237

Gillon, Edmund V. Jr.: Cut and Assemble A Southern Plantation – An H-O Scale Model in
Full Color. Dover, 1989 ISBN 0486260178 Paperback

Haynie, Sandra Prud’homme. Legends of Oakland Plantation: The Prud’hommes of
Natchitoches Parish. LaPressCo, 2001. ISBN 0971426007 Paperback.

Hurmence, Belinda. My Folks Don’t Want Me To Talk About Slavery. John F. Blair,
Publisher, 1984 ISBN 0895870398 Paperback

Isaacson, Phillip M. Round Buildings, Square Buildings, and Buildings That Wiggle Like a
Fish. Knopf, 2001 ISBN 0394893824

Malone, Paul and Lee Malone. Louisiana Plantation Homes. Pelican, 1986
ISBN 088289403X

McKissack, Patricia and Frederick McKissack Christmas in the Big House, Christmas in the
Quarter. Scholastic, 1944 ISBN 0590430270. Hardcover

Miller, Chrisiten E. and Susan E. Wood. Oakland Plantation: A Comprehensive Subsurface
Investigation. Southeast Archaeological Center, 2000.

Rhyne, Nancy. Once Upon a Time on a Plantation. Pelican Publishing
ISBN 882897020

Vlach, John Michael. Back of the Big House: The Architecture of Plantation Slavery. The
University of North Carolina Press, 1993 ISBN 0807844128 Paperback

Williams, Sherley Anne. Working Cotton. (First Voyager Books, 1997 ISBN 0152996249.
Hardcover. ) ISBN 0152014829 Paperback

Linda Easley Roach
*May be copied for educational purposes only and must include footer in reproduction. June, 2002

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