Hector Abreu Cintron

Hector Abreu Cintron

Planetizen is offering a webinar on preservation and sustainability tomorrow, July 30, 2009, at 11:00AM PDT/2PM EDT. This $49.95 course defines sustainable development as keeping what is “valuable by meeting our needs without prejudicing the ability of future generations to meet other own needs.”

This course shows how sustainability and historic preservation work hand-in-hand to meet the goals of both.

The instructor, Hector Abreu Cintron, is well known in the preservation community as a cultural resources management expert.

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4 Responses to PLAN-180: Preservation and Sustainability Webinar

  1. Tod Bryant says:

    How can I get the content of the “Plan 180” webinar if I missed it?

  2. Mr. Bryant, I have asked Planetizen at info@planetizen.com about the availability of the webinar, perhaps as a video, and am awaiting a response.

    I’ll post any information we receive on this thread.

  3. Nate Berg, the assistant editor of Planetizen, responded that the webinar session was recorded and is now available as a video course at

    You will need to register for the course in order to view it and I believe there is a $34.95 fee.

    He adds that Hector Abreu Cintron also teaches another online course, PLAN-110: Introduction to Historic Preservation Planning at

    They are thinking of breaking the Plan 110 course into two separate courses, one an introduction and the other focused on preservation techniques for urban planners.

  4. Johyn Sanches says:

    This article is very good.. thanks NCPTT. good site

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