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In FY2001, the Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site (Olmsted NHS) and the National Association for Olmsted Packs (NAOP) completed Year Two of a three-year NCPTT grant project to develop a new Internet-accessible database of information about the landscape design records for projects undertaken by Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr. and the Olmsted firm Project objectives completed in Year Two included the following: evaluate requirements for the Internet interface, develop the interface, including determining best host for the site, update Web version database, and continue research and collection of data from the Library of Congress.

Continuing a series of working meetings from year 1, the project team discussed the data input and display that would inform the development of an Internet interface Following these discussions, Re Discovery Software, Inc reconfigured the Internet interface of ANCS+, the National Park Service’s national cataloging system, to meet the specific needs of this project. Utilizing a small sampling of records gathered from portions of the collections being cataloged, the working group examined a prototype interface and offered feedback to Re: Discovery. With those suggestions both aesthetic and programmatic the software company modified the interface in time for a public demonstration in May, to enthusiasm and positive reviews. Work continued throughout the fiscal year cataloging collections, fine-tuning the database search and display capabilities and strategizing in preparation for potential loss of funding. Release of the fully operational and publicly accessible database at the end of the fiscal year is highly anticipated.

The Olmsted firm shaped major portions of the urban landscape in cities across the country Interest in the study of these landscapes has accelerated over the past few years resulting in a significant increase in research requests at repositories with Olmsted related collections. The new database will include updated and more comprehensive information about project-related records held at various repositories, primarily the Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site (Olmsted Archives) and Library of Congress. It will enable researchers to perform arches of information concerning design projects in collections of Olmsted firm records. As a result, researchers will be able to make mote informed research queries, thereby streamlining the overall research process Year Thee tasks will expand the current database to include additional priority collections, test the site with a group of users and publicize the website to potential researchers.

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