solar-panel-screen-captureTechnical Preservation Services (TPS) is continuing its commitment to provide guidance related to sustainability and green design for historic properties. As stewards of the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties, TPS is responsible for providing interpretive guidance on how historic properties may be adapted and reused while meeting the Standards, which are also regulatory for many projects.

In support of this mission, TPS published new online guidance for Solar Panels on Historic Properties to showcase successful projects that have added solar energy systems to historic buildings, districts, and landscapes. The guidance will be updated with additional examples over time.

This new feature of the TPS web site is one part of the Sustainability segment of the website – a section dedicated to promoting the inherently sustainable features of historic buildings as well as the means and methods for improving their energy efficiency and sustainability. Additional new content for this section is currently under development.

These activities support several aspects of the Call to Action including:
• #17 Go Digital
• #23 Go Green
• #25 What’s Old is New

For more information, please contact Jenny Parker at (202) 354-2041 or

In addition to maintaining and interpreting the Standards, Technical Preservation Services also provides general guidance on preserving and rehabilitating historic buildings and administers the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives Program for rehabilitating historic buildings. To learn more about Technical Preservation Services, please visit the home page at