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Sharing Knowledge & Gaining Skills

Left to right: Elizabeth Salmon, Sylvia Lob, Aanchal Mehta, and Elle Farias

NCPTT’s 2018 interns are sharing their knowledge and gaining new skills during their internship. They will undertake laboratory and field work, write blogs for our website, participate in conferences and symposia, and present a lunch time lecture.

Headshot of Elizabeth Salmon

Elizabeth Salmon

Elizabeth Salmon is working with Mary Striegel and Jason Church in the Materials Conservation Program where she is examining surface washing agents to remove crude oil from architectural media. When she came to NCPTT in January 2018, she began by refining the experimental design and selecting materials to build a  jbroadly applicable study of oil spill response at inland cultural heritage sites. The present phase of this research focuses on six products from the EPA National Contingency Plan Product Schedule, two types of crude oil, and four building materials that are well-represented amongst historic structures, including weathered brick, concrete and wood. The ultimate goal of this research is to glean information about how best to respond to an oil spill at a cultural heritage site while limiting physical and chemical damage to its composite materials.

Elizabeth is an alumna of Vassar College, where she studied Anthropology and developed an interest in conservation. Prior to joining NCPTT, she was involved with cultural heritage conservation projects in Rajasthan, India, first as a Critical Language Scholar and later as a post-baccalaureate fellow at The American Institute of Indian Studies.

Head shot of Sylvia Lobb

Silvia Lob

Silvia Lob is working with Mary Striegel and Jason Church in the Material Conservation program. She is undertaking a project to evaluate commercially available products marketed to prevent efflorescence on masonry, with aim of determining which products perform the best without causing damage to the substrate. The goal of this research is for the results to be publically available and applicable not only for National Park Service staff charged with caring forcultural heritage, but also private citizens.

Originally from France, Silvia graduated in September 2016 with her Master’s degree in physical chemistry and materials from Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris. Since her bachelors, she showed a strong interest to cultural heritage studies, and dedicated her research to conservation and restoration of art. She worked for the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Paris for a year, investigating organic materials in Fayoum’s portraits. Her main studies involve paint media and organic binders. She specialized in mass spectrometry before moving to a new area of investigation with her study on brick masonry and salts efflorescence here at NCPTT.

Head shot of Elle Fariaas

Elle Farias

Elle Farias is working with Mary Striegel and Jason Church in the Materials Conservation Program. Her project examines the performance of anti-efflorescence treatments on historic brick when subjected to artificial QUV weathering conditions. She also assisted on a related project with Silvia Lob, which looks at the performance of anti-efflorescence coatings on historic masonry test walls when subjected to the environmental conditions of simulated rising damp and driving rain.

This summer Elle will receive a Master of Architecture degree with a Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation from the University of Texas at San Antonio. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with friends and family, throwing clay with Elizabeth Salmon in the NSU ceramics studio, and traveling.

Headshot of Aanchal Mehta

Aanchal Mehta

Aanchal Mehta is a US/ICOMOS International Exchange Program Intern from India. She is working with Sarah Jackson in the Architecture and Engineering Program to develop programs that  involve youth in the heritage of Cane River National Heritage Area. She has a background in architecture and is pursuing masters in Heritage Management from Ahmedabad University, India.

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