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Nationwide Cemetery Preservation Summit
Nashville, TN October 19-21, 2009


Conference Co-host Fred Zahn gives tours at the Nashville City Cemetery.

Conference Co-host Fred Zahn gives tours at the Nashville City Cemetery.

NCPTT and the Nashville Metropolitan Historic Zoning Commission partnered to host the  Nationwide Cemetery Preservation Summit, held October 19-21, 2009 in Nashville, Tennessee. This three day Summit featured a wide range of preservation technologies meant to address the broad spectrum of issues found in cemeteries across the country.

NCPTT’s Nationwide Cemetery Preservation Summit was a tremendous success, drawing more than 100 cemetery professionals from around the country. Available video from the conference is included here along with abstracts from the sessions. Key sessions included Archaeology, Mapping and Documentation, Landscapes, Engineering Challenges, Issues in National Cemeteries, and Materials Conservation.

Day One Monday, October 19, 2009
Keynote: “Algal Populations on Military Gravestones and Possible Control by Biological Methods” by Eric May, University of Portsmouth School of Biological Science
Host Site: “Preservation of Nashville City Cemeteries” by Fred Zahn
Planning: “Thinking Outside the Fence: A Comprehensive Model for Historic Cemetery Management” by Natalie Wampler
Planning: “Geospacial Mapping and Thematic Documentation of Historic Cemeteries” by Allison Duncan and Andrew Kohr
Archaeology: “Geophysical Testing and Grave Detection at the Nashville City Cemetery, Tennessee, USA” by Stephen J. Yerka
Archaeology: “Geophysical Investigations of Historic Cemeteries: Results and Implications” by Duane Simpson & Ryan Peterson
Archaeology: “Wright-Whitesell-Gentry Cemetery Excavation and Relocation” by Nancy Ross-Stallings & Stephen Nawrocki
Landscapes: “Planning for Municipally?Owned Cemetery Preservation” by Patricia M. O’Donnell & Sarah K. Cody
Landscapes: “Maintenance: The Forgotten Variable” by Micheal Trinkley & Debi Hacker
Landscapes: “Historic Plants for 18th and 19th Century American Cemeteries” by Cothran
Materials I: “A Survey of Stone Consolidation Methods: The case study of a sculptural monument at Forest Lawn Cemetery” by Lauren Paige Isaacs
Materials I: “Performance-based Evaluation of Materials & Methods for Monument Conservation” by Norman R. Weiss & Irving Slavid
Materials I: “New Approaches to Detect and Remediate Microbial Deterioration” by Nick Konkol et. al.
Materials I: “Preservation Issues of Wooden Grave Markers” by Ronald W. Anthony and Kimberly D. Dugan

Day Two Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Materials II: “Conservation of Cemetery Monuments, Memorials, and Statuary Made of Zinc” By Carol A. Grissom
Materials II: “Balancing Cultural Considerations & Preservation Priorities in African American Cemeteries” by Dr. D. L. Henderson
Materials II: “Case study of the restoration of the Monument at Massacre Bay, A’asu, Tutuila, American Samoa” by Martin Johnson and Irving Slavid
Documentation: “Mount Auburn” by Kelly Streeter, Kent Diebolt, William Barry, and Natalie Wampler
Documentation: “African American Material Culture in Cemetery Trees” by Rolonda Teal
Documentation: “GIS Tools for the Cultural Resource Management of Cemeteries” by James Stein
National Cemeteries: “National Cemeteries: Post Civil War Landscapes in Transition” by Sarah Amy Leach
National Cemeteries: “What is historic? Issues at Poplar Grove National Cemetery” by Elizabeth Dinger
National Cemeteries: “Piece by Piece: The Restoration of Battleground National Cemetery” by Catherine Dewey and Simone Monteleone Moffett
National Cemeteries: “Comparative Study of Commercially Available Cleaners for Use on Federally-issued Headstones” by Jason Church
National Cemeteries: “The Evolution of Government Headstones and Markers” by Jennifer M. Perunko
Engineering: “Reverend Nathaniel Chauncey, Jr. Crypt, Old Burying Ground, Durham, Connecticut” by Francis Miller
Engineering: “(Re) removal and (Re) relocation of gravestones: First (Scots) Presbyterian Church, Charleston, South Carolina” by Frances H. Ford
Engineering: “Making it Better Than it Was: Poor Design & New Problems in Cemetery Restoration” by Robert Russell

Day Three Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Summit participant Rusty Brenner cleans graffiti from a stone using Dry Ice Dusting during the day three workshops.

Summit participant Rusty Brenner cleans graffiti from a stone using Dry Ice Dusting during the day three workshops.

Two Concurrent Sessions Will Take Place
National Cemetery Session At Homewood Suites Conference Center
Kirk Cordell: Chair of Session
NCA Policy
NCA National Cemetery Policy & Practice
Roundtable Discussion of National Cemetery Related Issues
Sara Amy Leach: Historical Documentation
Mary Striegel: Headstone Cleaning
Elizabeth Dinger: Resetting Issues
Don Murphy: Historic Headstone Replacement
Debbie Smith: Landscape Issues
Tour of Nashville National Cemetery

Hands-on Session At Nashville City Cemetery
Jason Church: Chair of Session
This session will be in three rotational groups each event lasting for one hour
Tour of Nashville City Cemetery Highlighting Conservation Work led by Fred Zahn
Grout Injection Workshop Taught by Francis Miller
Cleaning Techniques Workshop with Randal Heath of Coldsweep

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