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The deadline for comments on identifying, evaluating, and documenting Traditional Cultural Properties and Native American Landscape has been extended to April 2, 2013. Numerous requests from Tribes, Federal Agencies, State Historic Preservation offices and other parties requested extensions of the National Park Service (NPS). Originally, written comments and recommendations were requested by October 31, 2012.

The National Park Service (NPS) is continuing to solicit comments from its tribal, national, state, and local historic preservation partners, National Park Service regional offices and parks, other Federal agencies, and the public at large until April 2, 2013.

The original National Register memo requesting comments on Traditional Cultural Properties and Native American Landscapes can be found on the NR website located at:

Copies of the current Guidance, NR Bulletin 38, and other information, can be obtained at the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training website:

NPS requests that all comments and recommendations related to the issues outlined above should be forwarded via email to:

Respondents should identify their submission(s) as a “TCP/NAL Comment” in their e-mail “subject” box.
Responses submitted via email will be posted on an ongoing basis beginning the first week of June 2012.on the NR website located at: Respondents who do not want their names and/or e-mail addresses posted on the NR website along with their comments, or do not want their comments published at all, should clearly indicate that preference in their e-mail.**

**Comments that contain any inappropriate language or misleading or discriminatory remarks will not be posted.

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