Technology & Conservation, MIT Department of Architecture–Building Technology Program, and the Historic Resources Committee of the Boston Society of Architects/AIA are hosting a symposium/training program that will examine “the basic material properties of glass, the role of thermal, mechanical, structural, and chemical properties on
performance and durability, and the effects of environmental conditions on both traditional
buildings and outdoor sculpture and on modern structures and their ornamentation.”  This event will be followed  by a 1-day program focused on stained glass.

“All of the sessions are designed to offer attendees valuable insights into the
performance of glass and glazing in the outdoor environment . . . and the appropriate
selection, specification, use, and maintenance of glass materials for existing and new
buildings and artistic works.”

Glass & Glazing in the 21st Century
Design and Preservation of Contemporary & Historic Architecture

March 20-21, 2010
Cambridge, MA

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