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This report presents the results of a project named “Migration of the Hawaii State Historic Preservation Division Databases to the World Wide Web” The project was undertaken by the Historic Preservation Division (SHPD), Department of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii with support from the National Park Service’s National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT grant MT-2255-6-NC-032).

The work identified and developed an economical approach for providing World Wide Web access to information about historic resources developed and maintained by the SHPD. Bibliographic information on a wide range of reference material maintained in the SHPD library, and data from the Division’s Geographic Information System have been made accessible through the WWW.

Various software and “freeware” combinations were reviewed during the course of the work. The low-cost ($175), platform-independent, mSQL (Hughes Technologies) program was selected for use as the UNIX database server Access to GIS data uses “JShape”, a “freeware” package that uses “JAVA” technology to access and display GIS data. Issues regarding the sensitivity of historic resources to enhanced access were addressed by the project and inappropriate data has been identified and excluded. Database tools for the creation of WWW public notification reports for historic preservation reviews have been developed, however, the process has not been implemented pending receipt of SHPD level edited data for display.

The WWW site for the project is presently: “” (presently offline). A permanent URL reference for this page will be assigned as part of the State of Hawaii’s World Wide Web development in the near future.

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