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Educators may find the following resources useful in teaching heritage education in the classroom. Please note that these links do not constitute endorsement by NCPTT or the National Park Service.

Link Description
American Landscape and Architecture Design 1850-1920 A slide collection of almost 3,000 slides showing American buildings and landscapes from 1850-1920.
American Memory: Historical Collections for the National Digital Library This site provides resources relating to the history and culture of the United States.
Architectural Education Research Center (AERC) This site will help educators, community youth workers and parents engage children in hands-on, real-world, interdisciplinary Architecture and Design projects.
Center for Understanding the Built Environment (CUBE) The Center for Understanding the Built Environment (CUBE) has lot of resources for teachers in order to help students to appreciate good design, preservation and planing with a comprehensive program of courses, workshops, newsletters and teaching guides which serve both a local and national audience.
City Lore This site mainly includes New York City’s Cultural Heritage, but it has the category of Cultural Arts Resources for Teachers and Students. It offers workshops, technology seminars, and instructional materials to teachers so that it helps them integrate folklife and community resources across the curriculum.
Daily Lesson Plan This lesson plan demonstrates how artifacts can be used to obtain information about people and their lifestyles. The provided article, “Seeking Pirate Treasure: Captain Kidd’s Sunken Ship” is used as an example for discussion. (Grades 6-8, 9-12)
Decoding the Past: The Work of Archaeologists A Smithsonian educator’s resource for teaching archaeology.
Degree Programs, Subject Guides and Resources An online subject directory of over 25,000 hand-picked educational resources for high school and college students and test preparation resources such as SAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, USMLE, and TOEFL.
EDSitement This site has a great amount of information, including more detail information, lesson plan in the category of Art & Culture, Literature & Language Arts, Foreign Language, History & Social Studies.
History Matters This site designed for high school and college teachers of U.S. history courses and offers unique teaching materials for teaching U.S. history.
K-12 A resource for teaching anthropology for K-12 students.
Learning Sites, Inc. Learning Sites designs and develops educational materials for grade schools, high schools, colleges for using the most up-to date archaeological resources.
MarcoPolo MarcoPolo provides standards-based Internet content and professional development to K-12 teachers and students throughout the United States.
Montana Heritage Project The Montana Heritage Project is dedicated to teaching young people to think clearly and deeply about the world they face, asking essential questions and researching the past.
National Park Service Teacher Resources Teacher resources from the National Park Service.
Save Our Cemeteries, Inc. Save our Cemeteries is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and study of 31 New Orleans cemeteries, and the development of educational products, workshops, and lectures to further cemetery preservation.
Science NetLinks This site offers an overview of the study of archaeology and two complete lesson plans that demonstrate archaeological techniques and how inferences are made. The entire document, including lesson plans, is downloadable and printable.
Teaching Archaeology This site includes a printable overview of the importance of teaching archaeology in the classroom, sample lessons, definition of relevant terms, and links for other free publications. (Grades 3-12)
Teaching With Historic Places This site helps teachers bring historic places into the classroom, along with lesson plans.
The Alliance of National Heritage Areas (ANHA) The Alliance of National Heritage Areas is a collection of heritage areas designated by Congress as significant to the United States. Look at the map to see if a heritage area is located near you. Many of these sites host excellent education programs that educators could use, even if educators and students are not located near the heritage areas.
The Association for Gravestone Studies The Association for Gravestone Studies promotes the study and preservation of gravestones.
The Epitaph Browser A collection of ephitaphs adorning gravestones across the nation.
The Heritage Education Network (T.H.E.N.) The Heritage Education Network (T.H.E.N.) is a clearinghouse site for the subjects of archeology, architecture, artifacts, agriculture, cemeteries, and genealogy as they pertain to Heritage Education. This site also features a state-by-state guide for educators using Heritage Education resources.
The Learning Page The Learning Page helps teachers to teach history and culture, providing online archive of over 100 collections of rare and unique items important to America’s heritage.
The Valley of the Shadow This site has lots of historic resources, especially war history, along with teaching materials and projects.

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