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Title: Learning to “Read” Louisiana Buildings

Primary Subject Area: Social Studies Structures

Grade Level: 4th / 8th


Students will analyze photographs of historic buildings, categorize them according to similar characteristics, and identify their various architectural styles.

Approximate Duration: Three (3) one-hour (1 hr) classes

Louisiana Framework

Foundation Skills:

  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Resource Access and Utilization
  • Linking and Generating Knowledge

Strands and Content Standards, Benchmarks:

English/Language Arts:

  • ELA-1-E1
  • ELA-1-E2
  • ELA-1-E3
  • ELA-1-E5
  • ELA-1-E6
  • ELA-1-E7
  • ELA-2-E1
  • ELA-2-E2
  • ELA-2-E3
  • ELA-2-E4
  • ELA-3-E1
  • ELA-3-E2
  • ELA-3-E3
  • ELA-3-E4
  • ELA-3-E5
  • ELA-4-E1
  • ELA-4-E2
  • ELA-4-E4
  • ELA-4-E5
  • ELA-4-E7
  • ELA-5-E1
  • ELA-5-E2
  • ELA-5-E3
  • ELA-5-E6
  • ELA-7-E1
  • ELA-7-E2
  • ELA-7-E4

Social Studies:

  • H-1A-E1
  • H-1A-E3
  • H-1C-E1


  • M-1-E
  • D-1-E
  • D-2-E
  • D-3-E

Disciplinary Connections: Math, English/Language Arts


  1. TLW utilize higher level thinking skills to analyze and categorize photographs of historic buildings based on an observation of shared
  2. TLW create a time line to demonstrate the chronological sequence of architectural styles in Louisiana.
  3. TLW compare and contrast two architectural styles using a Venn Diagram graphic organizer and summarize their findings in a written paragraph.


  • Learning to “Read” Louisiana Buildings overhead transparency
  • Sets of photographs of structures from the Louisiana National Register of Historic Places
  • Architectural Style handouts summarized from the Louisiana Historic
  • Preservation Supplement
  • Historic Places Identification Key (for Teachers)
  • Styles of Louisiana Architecture: Hunting for Historical Buildings student handout
  • Evaluation Rubric

Technology Connection:

Web Sites:

Technology Guidelines:

  • K-4 Gather information and communicate with others using telecommunications (e.g. email, video conference, internet) with support from teachers, family members, or peers.)
  • K-4 Use technology resources to assist in problem-solving, self-directed learning, and extending learning activities.

Background Information:

Students do not need any specific information about architectural styles prior to this activity. They will learn to “read” a building and then categorize various structures. The categories of architectural styles were taken from the Historic Preservation Supplement materials that are published by the Historic Preservation Office. This information is available in print and on-line. The information on the Architectural Styles handouts was adapted from this source, as well. All photographs were copied from the Louisiana National Register of Historic Places website.

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