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Prospection in Depth

Prospection in Depth

NCPTT will present two workshops in June featuring high-level technology in the archeology field. “Prospection in Depth” will teach participants to harness the latest GIS, GPS and geophysical prospection technologies to most effectively accomplish their goals in the field and office.

NCPTT’s state-of-the-art labs and conference facilities in Natchitoches, La. will be the setting for the first workshop on June 18-23. Instructors will introduce participants to technologies in GPS, GIS and Geophysics, including Trimble GPS products and ArcGIS 9.2 software. Practical application of these technologies comes as part of the Ground Truthing workshop, slated for June 25-30.

Participants have the opportunity build their skills in the field with the latest prospection technologies in the context of grant-driven research in plantation archeology. Each workshop is $399 and convenient online registration is available.

For more information contact David Morgan.

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