The Journal of the American Institute for Conservation (JAIC) is the primary vehicle for the publication of peer-reviewed papers relating to the field of conservation of historic and cultural works. Since its first issue in February, 1997, and Volume 39: 3 (Fall, Winter 2000) there have been 56 issues containing approximately 5000 pages of text and almost 2000 illustrations. In 1998, the AIC/FAIC Board decided to make this resource available via the world wide web, both to preserve the core data, and to increase its availability by allowing the files to be publicly accessed. The resulting website (http://aic.stanford.edu/jaic) went online in April, 2001.

To create this site, each article was manually re-entered, since digital versions were either never produced, or published in a variety of software formats and often changed at the printer. After conversion, a custom Document Type Definition (DTD) describing the logical structure of a JAIC article was developed, and the articles were marked up using XML, of eXtensible Markup Language (XSL) to parse the XML interface (GUI) was developed to facilitate browsing, and the website was indexed to enable searches.

Currently, the site includes only issues over three years old, in order to retain the members-only benefit of recent editions. Subsequent issues of the JAIC will be periodically added.

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