Hello there! My name is Isabella Jones and I am from the small town of Saline here in Louisiana. I am a Fall 2019 graduate of Northwestern State University. At NSU I earned a bachelor’s degree in biology with a concentration in natural sciences as well as a bachelor’s degree in art with a concentration in graphic communications. I have always been interested in wildlife as well as art, so I chose to pursue education in both fields. My biology degree has allowed me to learn a vast amount about animal physiology, animal species identification, coordinating and maintaining species management plans, and many other areas of interest. At the same time, the art program allowed me to be creative and develop my skills in both the fine arts as well as the graphic design medium.

My time here at the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training is spent on a variety of projects but my main focus is videography. I able to film various topics such as oral histories, fellow researchers explaining their projects, and an important series where we are documenting and explaining the equipment available at NCPTT. These videos can be found here on NCPTT’s website or on our corresponding YouTube page (https://www.youtube.com/user/ncptt).

Through the process of recording and editing, I am able to learn a broad range of topics and skills. Being able to document and listen to personal accounts of the past has given me world knowledge I did not have before, such as Mr. Tommy Whitehead’s personal stories of Clementine Hunter, Mr. Elvin Shield’s recollection of his time living and working on a plantation, to each instrument video where research is conducted, and an explanation to such is provided. My skills have not stopped developing after graduating college; instead, my role here at NCPTT continues to encourage me to learn more, be more creative, and push what I thought were the limits because I am being shown that everything is limitless.

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