NCPTT, in partnership with Monroe County History Center at Indiana University, conducted a workshop focused on the techniques and knowledge needed to preserve ornamental ironwork in an architectural setting. This workshop begin with an opening lecture session at 6:30 p.m. by NCPTT’s Materials Conservator Jason Church on Friday, October 14th at the History Center in Bloomington, Indiana. The video seen here is that lecture recorded by the local Community Access Television Services.

Hillary Detty removes surface rust using a fine stainless steel wire brush.

The hands-on portion of the workshop was held on Saturday, October 15th at the Cole County Farm in Bloomington, Indiana. For the hands-on portion participants worked to stabalize the wrought iron Seward and Co fence that surrounds the small cemetery located along the main road entering the Fair Grounds. The fence had to first be dug out and brought back to proper grade. This required 4-10 inches of soil to be removed from the base of the fence line. After the fence was leveled and straightened, the participants begain the process of cleaning and wire brushing. This was done both by hand and with powered tools, including a pnumatic needle scaler to remove heavily rusted areas that had been in ground contact over a long period of time. Once the fence was cleaned the iron was treated with a rust convertor before being primed and painted. More information about the steps taken in the preservation process can be found on the NCPTT video “Iron Fence Care

End of the Day Group Photo