Fallen grave marker

Fallen grave marker

NCPTT, in partnership with the Canadian Ministry of Culture, will host a two and a half day conference in Niagara Falls, NY-Ontario, Canada, October 8-10, 2013.  The conference will include oral presentations, posters, and a half-day field session on the conservation of all aspects of cemetery care and conservation. The conference is open to conservation professionals, cemetery managers, board members, archeologist, grounds keepers, and all who work in and are interested in cemeteries.

The conference will provide a unique opportunity to exchange cemetery conservation techniques with our Canadian counterparts and expand our international presence in cemetery conservation.  The conference will be live-streamed as well as all lectures taped for future broadcasts. For more information contact Jason Church, jason_church@contractor.nps.gov

Current call for presentation

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31 Responses to 2013 International Cemetery Preservation Summit

  1. Jan Ramsey says:

    Jason, what is the cost for this symposium?

  2. Monica says:

    I would also like to know the answer to the question of Jan Ramsey and what is the cost for this symposium?
    When is the next symposium 2012?

  3. Betsy Dinger says:

    Jason, this should be really good. I’d like to go and hopefully the park will let me!! Will watch for more information as it gets closer!

  4. Donna E. Walcovy says:

    Jason, I registered just to have my name on the list so I’d be informed. Is there a recommended hotel? How many days will the conference be?

  5. Alice Webber says:

    I am a grad student working on cemeteries and am wondering what travel restrictions there are?

  6. Jason, will this be in joint international area, or will participants be required to have a passport? Thank you.

  7. Sorry Jason, one last question. What will the cost be to join the streamed session…takes all the fun out of the field experience though…

  8. john says:

    how can i register myself for the Symposium.

  9. Cheryle Caputo says:

    I am looking forward to this summit. Please keep me informed on any and all cemetery preservation workshops/training offered. thanks.

  10. Elissa Plank says:

    I am interested in attending this workshop. Please send me information about the dates and let me know when it’s time to register. Thanks.

  11. Christine Powers says:

    I am interested in attending this conference. Please send me more inforamtion.

  12. Tom Burns says:

    I am interested in attending this symposium and look forward to it. I would also be interested in any kind of material, training information or videos on conservation, repair, cleaning and preservation of all different material type headstones, and also anything on bronze plaque memorials. Could you let me know where to find this information?

    Thank You

  13. Tara Gann-Burton says:

    is there an email list to let everybody know when registration is open along with other details?

  14. Marina Novaes says:

    I would like to be included on this list of participants to receive more information when they became available.
    thank you

  15. gustavo aleman says:

    I am intrested in attending this simposium, please send me some adittional information about dates and cost.

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