Jason Church positions the head of the Minolta colorimeter for measurements on a headstone in Alexandria National Cemetery.  Photo by Mary Striegel

Jason Church positions the head of the Minolta colorimeter for measurements on a headstone in Alexandria National Cemetery. Photo by Mary Striegel

[Download not found]NCPTT and the Department of Veteran Affairs, National Cemetery Administration has released the interim report entitled, Comparative Study of Commercially Available Cleaners for use on Federally-issued Headstones. The report encompasses two years of research looking at five different cleaners for use on headstones. NCPTT has received additional funding to continue the study for two years. For more information, contact Mary Striegel.

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6 Responses to Interim Report on Commercially Available Cleaners for use on Federally issued Headstones

  1. James Wright says:


    I currently own a carpet cleaning company that has been trading for 48 years. I have a very good reputation and a large client base.

    As we are going through bad economic times I am looking to diversify a little bit.

    I have currently been looking into cleaning and maintenance of grave stones. I found the videos of Jason Church on you tube and found the videos very educational hence I found this website.

    I have currently been looking at your site for as much info on the subject as possible. For example the VA progress report on the five cleaners that has been tested on cleaning gravestones.

    Unfortunately every link I click on error code 404 appears, in addition cleaning a gravestone marker booklet in PDF form also has this error message appear. so I am not doing very well.

    Basically what I am after is what are the best products to use as Jason has experimented he knows that information. In addition any other info I can get on the subject.

    As I said I own a well established cleaning company as it is, I want to know exactly what and not what to do in cleaning and maintaining headstones as I want to become a specialist in this department.

    If you could send me any info it would be greatly appreciated, if not could you please at least fix the links.

    Many thanks

    James Wright


  2. Nancy Scheer says:

    The PDF 592KB file will not download with the info on the results of
    the headstone cleaning study by Jason Church.
    I’m very much interested in these results.
    How does one go about finding the results of this study?
    Nancy Scheer

    • Thank you for giving us a heads up. I’ve updated this article and fixed the old link. I’m also sending you an email.

    • I’m sorry that I didn’t respond to you sooner. I’ll check the download. In the meantime, I have emailed you comments on the project. As an update, NCPTT has completed research on evaluation of commercially available cleaners for use on government issued headstones. We are working on the final report that should be available for distribution before the year’s end!

  3. Mr. Wright, somehow we missed your comment on this post. The links have been updated and we are emailing you as well.

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