Integrating Technology for Montana’s Historic Cemeteries and Sacred Sites

2017 PTT Grant, Montana History Foundation, $25,380


The Montana History Foundation (MHF) proposes to host a three-day historic cemetery preservation workshop featuring innovative and integrated technologies. The focus will be on how to integrate two or more technologies to effectively preserve sites with diverse topographical, geophysical, and zoological issues. The workshop will assemble a group of experts and community members (historic preservation officers, curators, genealogists, funeral directors, and cemetery board members), to explain and demonstrate innovative preservation work using a variety of technologies. The workshop will showcase and demonstrate innovative technology appropriate to Montana sites, with an emphasis on teaching volunteers and professional preservationists and historians how to employ innovative technologies alongside more traditional approaches. The workshop will provide one day of classroom and two days of on-site training, thus accomplishing preservation work in several Montana cemeteries. The classroom training component will take place in Helena, a centrally located site, and the hands-on work will be undertaken in four area cemeteries. We will interview the experts, record their presentations, and film the on-site demonstrations. From the raw footage we will develop a training video/webinar to provide the widest possible access.

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